Ephemeral Glory

‘The glory of the world passes away.’ And yet, knowing this, we all set off in an unending search of recognition for our work. The Bhagvad Gita prophesies a convincing approach to the glory of the world which goes thus:

“Karm kie jaa, fal ki chinta mat kar!”  Lord Krishna believes that man should not be worried about the award or recognition that he will get from his work. Instead, he should focus all his abilities towards working efficiently and reaching the set target. He uses no metaphors, no justifications, no examples but a simple explanation. Everyone has a duty to follow the work that he or she is assigned to do without worrying about the consequences. There is a constant force that propels us to shed the familiar comforts of life and push ourselves to face challenges and prove our worth even though we know that the glory of the world is transient.

Why, then, do we vouch for something that does not last? Perhaps, our work satisfies us; it makes us happy, and renders a new meaning to our otherwise mundane lives. Maybe, there is no definitive answer to this question. An analysis of our lives will lead us to many answers but neither of them will prove correct. We are judged by the test of love in front of the creator. Our deeds and actions make us what we are. The consequent glory or ridicule does not serve any purpose. One should judge oneself not by what one has done, not by what one believes in, not by what one has achieved, but by how one has loved, by how one has discharged his duties towards the society, by how one has allowed himself or herself to be charitable enough. It is up to the Creator to decide what a sin is and what is not. However, the acts that one has omitted such as withholding of love towards the fellow human beings hold equal responsibility in shaping your personality as the acts that you have committed.


Trophies gather dust, the glory of the world is transitory and we should not measure our lives by it. However, we must not stop believing in our ideologies and fighting for them. We must do what we feel is right and follow our personal legends. Make our personal decisions and contribute towards the society as a whole. We are the protagonists of our own lives and must follow what we believe in irrespective of the applause, approbation or ridicule that we might garner in the end. Often, it is the anonymous heroes who leave the most enduring marks.

Keep faith in your objective and do not restrain yourself from fighting the good fight but at the same time never forget to look after your fellow human beings. It is good to be important but it is more important to be good. Our generosity towards other people leaves an indelible mark not only in their lives but also in our own lives. Nothing should deter you from being charitable towards others.

Also, at times in the quest for glory people forget the basic principles of life such as honesty, forgiveness, charity, compassion, love, fairness, etc and believe in leaving no stone un-turned to reach the target irrespective of the means. These principles should not be dropped from one’s life under any given circumstances- good or bad, fair or unfair. While you stand at the pedestal of glory and at the heights of achievement, you must not be envious of those who are working hard towards it and strive to achieve it better than you. In fact, talent should always be encouraged and motivated. You should support them. You should learn from your competitors rather than being envious of them. Only then will the world acknowledge you. Only then will the glory endure in its truest sense. Only then will you be revered, admired and respected. A famous author must never despise beginners, an author should be pleased to see other authors succeed; a human being should always be ready to help when asked. By doing so, people will admire not only your work but also your heart.

Life always gives you a second chance. Glory is all about the importance of seizing every opportunity, while it is there, if you don’t, it is lost forever! At times in life, you might feel low, depressed and devastated and might just want to end your life. Do not forget that you are here for a purpose. You are performing an important duty. There are millions of people in the world who dream of becoming like you. They were born equal but the world has not been fair to all of them. Think about it, meditate. This will fill your soul with joy and bring you closer to the Creator.

Do not waste your invaluable time by indulging in self pity thinking that our life is completely useless. Instead, make it useful. Discover your true destiny. The world will reveal itself to you. The moment will come when you will know the reason why you were born. And at that moment, you will regret wasting your time. Do not lose hope. Transform your life in order to bring joy. Do not run after glory, it is meaningless. Run after the purpose of life!

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