Its an Epidemic. Its Being Frenemies

There is a very clear difference between friends and enemies but when the word becomes ‘frenemy’, the difference tends to vanish. Most of the time whether we are at school, college, parties or picnics, we are surrounded by friends. But, do we actually give it a thought that the people whom we consider our friends are actually our friends or not? Are you really along with your friends or there is someone else hiding behind the mask of that friend? Yes, it might be alarming to know that your friends are not necessarily friends. They may be hidden enemies to you, who out and out impress you with their sugar coated flattery but behind your back do the opposite.

It is always said that a person must act wise while making the choice of his/her friends. A friend is the one who shares your time, thoughts and ideas and therefore, knows you better. In that case, before opening yourself to your so-called friend you must be sure if he is actually your friend or just pretending to be the one. True friends are very rarely found on this earth, though you get every other person ready to be called as your friend but they might not be trustworthy. It is good to have a jolly nature and to gel up with people easily but trusting on every other person blindly is dumbness. In this deceitful world people are always ready to drag you back and take your position. As we observe that everyone wants to progress at any cost because opportunities are less and crowd is huge. And in this race of progression, people do not hesitate in stepping on you to move forward. You must be very attentive every time about the actions going around you.



A frenemy has no value for the words like team, unity and selflessness.  Where on one side you will be relying on your friend, he will be at the same time digging a pit for you to fall into it. Giving these points does not mean there are no true friends found on this earth but the decision of choosing your friends should be taken by using your wits. Friends are the only beings in your world who understand you the most and therefore you should also understand them better before trusting on them. An enemy is better than a friend who keeps wrong intentions against you. You know your enemy can never be trusted and hence you will never count on him but trusting on a frenemy can lead to severe results. A frenemy could likely be found anywhere be it your workplace, college or school. But everywhere the reason for their existence is the same and that is competition and jealousy. They are the biggest hindrance to your progress. They note all your secrets and attack on your weakness thereby leaving you helpless. Most of the time, the main reason behind your defeat in any project of your life is the same friend who stands with you on your face and at the same time ready to backstab you.


It is better to realize who your true friends are and who are the enemies disguised as friends. At times situation arise where you are likely to leave your friends for the frenemies. In their flattery, true words of your friends seem harsh and as a result you lose your friends. It is usually said that, a person should count his wealth through the number of friends he earns throughout his life so, the decision of making friends should be taken cautiously. Frenemies never remain throughout your life but true friends do and therefore, losing your friends for the frenemies is not a good option. Keeping enemies is better than the frenemies as you can be well prepared for a known danger than an unknown one. A person should never blindfolded depend upon a friend who is not better known as it hurts more when you are betrayed by a person whom you trust whole heartedly. It is quite strange that we are always attentive about what goes on in our enemies’ mind and keep a check over their actions while we totally forget to be concerned about what goes on around us. We are more apprehensive of things carried out at a distance and ignore the whereabouts of our surrounding activities. This is where those people, who just show their friendship on your face, take benefit and make their own profit against your downfall.


Thus, we can say that, a frenemy is an enemy garbed in the disguise of a friend and who is ready to backstab you at any place and at any time. It is the responsibility of the person to make a wise decision while choosing his/her friends. A person should not only keep an eye on his enemy but also on newly made friends who have come close to you in less time. Actions and intentions of enemy might not affect you that deeply but wrong intentions of your so-called friend can leave deep scars in your heart and mind. So, Be Aware of your FRENEMIES!


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