There is a new word on the block and it’s none other than “Bromance.” Everywhere you look, the wave of bromance seems to have hit, be it TV series, books or movies. But before you scratch your head wondering what exactly is this bromance let me elaborate a bit. The bond of friendship and love shared between two guys is called bromance, in short brotherly love shared between two guys may they be friends or brothers. The oldest case of bromance that comes to my mind is that of Sherlock Holmes and his one and only friend John Watson. This sleuth detective made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the 1880’s made Bromance a thing before it was cool. The close bond of friendship, understanding and love shared by these two hasn’t been gone unnoticed by fans of varying generations. And this pairing has been immortalized both on the small screen and big screen alike. The Jude Law Robert Downey pair of Watson and Sherlock has been universally loved by all because of the immaculate chemistry shared between the two. Speaking of Sherlock Holmes would be incomplete without mentioning the BBC Sherlock that seems to have taken the entire world by storm. The Cumberbatch and Freeman pairing of Sherlock and John has been termed as the most loved and enjoyed one of all times. Their obvious chemistry, love and the intense gazes into each other’s eyes have made the fans go crazy giving rise to Johnlock shippers all over the internet space with conspiracy theories of Johnlock being endgame. Clearly this is one bromance that the audiences can’t seem to have enough of, I know I can’t.


Another onscreen pairing of characters that has been revered for its quality of bromacne is the characters of Denny Crane and Alan Shore from the now terminated show Boston Legal. Any fans of the show will tell you that no matter how scintillating the case, the highlight of the show remains the last balcony scene where the characters bare their hearts out and profess their love for another. Sexist, chauvinists and unapologetically objectifying women, such is the nature of these two characters. Sleeping around town, their true love lies in each other. The depth of their friendship and the comfort with which these two heterosexual characters end up declaring their undying love and faithfulness to each other along with the occasional sleepovers is what makes their bromance endearing. No matter what, these two are always there for each other fighting their battles together and always, always supporting each other no matter how opposing their political ideologies or view on America as a country might be. The purity of their relation makes you crave for a companion who would go to extreme lengths for you and love you as much as Denny and Alan love each other; making their friendship a hot favourite amongst guys and girls alike. This is one truly heterosexual pair who are so comfortable with their sexuality and love for each other that they might be the only known screen pair to get married, despite not being gay.


Not only is bromacne seen in the case of two friends but also in case of brothers. The hot kickass hunter brother duo of the Winchester’s Sam and Dean from the show Supernatural is loved by millions of fans. More than the ghosts they kill or the story line of the show it’s the chemistry between these two characters that makes the fans so crazy about this show. These are two brothers who love each other dearly and would do anything for each other. They understand and know each other very well and work as a well oiled machine together when it comes to saving people, hunting things, the family business. And talking about the Winchester’s would be incomplete without the mention of their favourite trench coated angel Castiel. His bond and friendship with Dean puts a smile on people’s face. This otherwise emotionally crippled angel who doesn’t understand human emotions much, is profoundly attached to Dean, and in his own words “Dean and I share a special bond.” This show that has no female lead character works predominantly on the aspect of bromance shared between these three characters, which seems to be loved by the audience a lot seeing as it has been picked up for a tenth season.

supernatural bromance

Both the sitcoms Friends and How I Met Your Mother are known for the angle of bromance. Be it the trio of Ross, Chandler and Joey or that of Ted, Barney and Marshall, bromacne is hard to miss. These characters signify friends who know each other very well are each other’s family and go through the ups and downs of life together. An aspect that hits home with the audiences; especially the 25+ age group who find themselves dealing with work, relationships, life and adulthood, problems similar to the ones faced by both the trios. Moreover no one can argue that bromacne means a lot to the character of Barney Stinson who has gone as far as writing the “Bro code”, set of rules that all bro’s should abide by. A code which has found its way into real life with many friends now abiding by the Bro Code.

bromance trio

Whichever TV serial you put on or whichever movie you watch, be it Breaking Bad, New Girl, Scrubs or even Hannibal, the aspect of bromance is hard to miss. Friendship has always been something that has been close to people’s hearts, and friends are family that you choose for yourself. In an era where people are becoming more and more vocal about their feelings and being open with it, it’s obvious why bromance is enjoyed by all. But above all its quality of purity in the relationship of two friends that hits home, making bromance craved and loved by all.


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