To be or not to be: An era in bygone memory lanes

The quintessential and also moral verse that held great meaning has now taken a leap with the Gen-X. To my wonder (but I am not old) I see a generation gap between people younger to me; I don’t know what creates such a big gap both in mindset as well as way of living. It’s not been long but just few years back when I was in college our group used to hang out in canteen or if permitted could visit a mall that too, to a nearby place. But today’s generation has four wheelers to themselves and they mostly are either in a disc or pub, late nights and weekend out has become so common, really I am so taken back. I don’t understand why this has become the only lifestyle that everyone is craving for.

to be or not to be

The value of virtues

It’s good to be money minded, in fact I advocate it as well, but making money the only priority in life, that does not make sense. When we were young we were taught the value of character, principles and the virtue of words. I remember I never went for a movie with friends until I started to  work; I know if I would have asked my parents they wouldn’t have said no, but there was this fear that restrained me, the fear what my parents will think, will it upset them. In my heart I always knew this will never be the case I was always given full liberty to make my decisions since childhood, but I had this care or say concern, that may be my choices can hurt my parents. My father always told me “I have given you liberty to be individuals so that you learn from your decisions, but remember there should always be a line to it, anything when stretched beyond necessary is harmful”. Those words I tell you are my building blocks.  Everyone, I say everyone is in a race with other only to finish first. Now a day’s a person’s worth is calculated on the bases of his achievements which in turn is based on the wealth he has accumulated or the empire he has build. If you are standing here, the very moment you are busy thinking where next. And this has become the way of living itself, you have achieved one thing and you aim for next and next and so on. And I don’t say that is bad, in fact this has become the part of our very existence. I don’t blame anyone, but isn’t our responsibility to carry the virtues and morals from our upbringing that our parents gave to our graves and in way to preach it to our children as well. If we will back out then who will carry the rich traditions and cultures and values which made our country a bird of gold in actual.

free spirit, mind body and soul

Being Independent

Self independence is really a very important aspect but it’s all the more important to understand it. For some people independence is freely going out with friends, pubs, parties, brands, luxuries and endless such materialistic things. Such a little thing! The level of independence of any individual is measured by the freedom of his thoughts. It’s not just about physical presentation of oneself, but morally, socially as well as spiritually that builds an independent minded person. You are not independent unless you have free spirited thought that have a soul to connect with others on a different level.  It’s not only in freedom to do whatever you wish that you are independent but when you see a helpless fellow and extend a helping hand , or raise you voice against any injustice done is when you are really free. Our constitution provides us the right to freedom of speech, expression and equality. But how many times have we really used them in actual sense. When we abuse or blame others its becomes our right to speech, when we fight on streets or pelt stone at public property it becomes the right to expression and when it’s about getting privileges for some underprivileged our right to equality comes in between.   This is us! The self centered educated independent individuals.

Freedom is a long way

the freedom struggle

I don’t say that this is the case with every youth, but sill this is not enough. There are people both young and old that practice their rights carefully and rationally, but the ratio of such people are much low than required. Unless and until every citizen does not have faith in the constitution and feel empowered in advocating his rights the country is still in chains. Just because we don’t see a white skin ruling over us does not mean we are free. Their policy of divide and rule is now practiced by our politicians and we blind our eyes even if we know so. The government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people, but when we go to vote our votes are divided by caste, religion, region and section of society. I mean, this is sad very sad and we should grieve rather celebrate, because we are still in bondage.

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