Euthanasia – Should it be legalized?

Euthanasia – the sound of the word itself sends a shiver down my spine, let alone what it stands for.

Originating from a Greek word, the term Euthanasia stands for “good health.” It is the act or practice of putting an end to a person’s life either by the use of a lethal injection or suspension of the medical treatment being provided to the concerned person. So in cruel terms, it is a suicide assisted by a well-trained physician! Most people view Euthanasia as a relief that puts an end to the person’s pain and suffering. It is widely and actively practiced in Netherlands where around 9% of the deaths were due to Euthanasia in 1990.


A huge has been raging all around the world whether Euthanasia should be legalized or not. While some people consider Euthanasia as a heinous crime, another fraction of people believe that letting a person suffer and forcing him to live painful life against his own will should be considered as a more heinous crime.  Let us look that the positive and negative effects of legalizing Euthanasia and then it is up to you to decide whether it should be legalized or not.

There was a time when doctors were considered angels of God on Earth who could heal you with their expertise. They were just next to God. My grandmother believes that even today. There was always something the doctor would come up with that would ease the pain. But times have changed. With the precise over-packed schedules, the doctors no longer feel like angels who used to be so caring and compassionate when it comes to treatments. There are conditions nowadays which even the best doctors are unable to crack. And all the patient can do is wait for death to arrive. This waiting period can be really painful for the person involved. So what is wrong if the person asks for a leave from all the pain and just wants to go to heaven? Not aiding Euthanasia at the request of dying person is violating his rights and increasing the whole load of suffering that he is already enduring each day.


Deciding to live or die is solely a personal decision. Anyone else apart from the person involved has no right to interfere in the matter. Neither the doctors nor the government. We have the liberty to decide our job, family, religion and even our sex preference. So we should also have the entire right to decide whether we want to continue to live or not. Moreover, a perfectly healthy individual would never really want to end his life. It is only when he is on the verge of utmost suffering and pain that he decides to take such a step.

Next concern is the economic factor. Many times people do not have the adequate ability to pay large amounts of money for the treatment of a terminal disease. The patient is just left to deal with the pain and suffering and wait for the green signal from God. The signal may come after the person has been confined to bed for years. So if the person demands Euthanasia to avoid being a burden to his family, then his choice should be respected and granted.

Life is the most wonderful gift God has given us. He derives so much pleasure when we have a good life. A person dying after spending a marvelous life has no regrets. He leaves the planet with a smile on his face. But imagine a person suffering from a terminal disease that the doctors were unable to cure even after years of research. Such a person would have the most terrible life. Even a person born with serious disability that neither allows him to talk, see, taste or walk would curse his life. What is the point of living when the person cannot witness the beauty of life? He would want to be born again and in a better condition. This is another reason why Euthanasia should be legalized. People with serious disabilities or suffering from heinous diseases should have the full control to decide whether they want to live or not.


Now moving on to why Euthanasia should not be legalized, the first thing that comes to mind is why die when a cure might be just round the corner? I mean if you have waited for a long time, a few more years might sometimes turn out to be advantageous.

Another point of concern if Euthanasia would be legalized is that people would just turn to it with every small excuse. A guy depressed at the break up with his girlfriend would say he is in terrible depression and has no longing to be alive. The bottom line is that it would be very hard to decide when the person should be allowed and when he should be denied. Also the level to endure pain is different in different people. So it would be really difficult to fix a threshold without being unfair to another person.

There’s one more concern that comes to my mind when I think about Euthanasia being legalized. Some doctors might take advantage of it. For example, if a person is fighting a terminally ill disorder with no cure available, in the presence of the option for Euthanasia, doctors might not showcase their best efforts to treat him. They might accept their failures sooner than they would have excepted in case Euthanasia was not an option. It is just a natural human instinct to give in easily when there’s another way around. We cannot blame the doctors for that!

So the debate on whether Euthanasia should be legalized or not is a long-lasting one with no proper conclusion. So it is up to you to believe what you think is right and justified.


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