The Ever Victorious Will Power

She was born prematurely, the 20th of 22 siblings from two marriages. She faced infantile paralysis at age four. She recovered but wore a brace on her left leg and foot until she was nine. She was required to wear an orthopedic shoe for support of her foot for next two years. By the time she was twelve years old she had also survived of bouts of polio and scarlet fever. She went through all these hardships and eventually achieved her dream of shedding her handicap and becoming like other children. She took her steps forward and went into basketball team and emerged as a star there. She went to Melbourne games and pan American games and fetched many gold and silver medals there. She broke all the notions regarding her. The people who told that she won’t be able to walk throughout her life, she proved them totally wrong. She walked over the script and stood out as the hero. But the whole world prostrated her and got hypnotized when she won three Olympic titles at 1960 summer Olympics in Rome against the previous year’s winner. That was the gigantic victory. People’s jaw dropped to their knees just by imagining that a handicapped girl won the Olympic and became the fastest runner in the world. This was “Wilma Rudolph“. A girl who changed her destiny via her will power and exhibited that her will power is greater than her deficiency and what the world thinks about her.

wilma rudollph

“Strong winds create giant waves; strong wills create giant men.”- Mehmet Murat Ildan

This fits for Wilma and also for those who believe in themselves unconditionally. If one possesses will power then mediocrity will always stay away. Will power makes the person more real and attractively magnetic. It encourages us to cross our limits. It empowers us to remain strong and unwavering in worst and most adverse circumstances. Even if no one is with us, this will power keeps us strong headed and stable like mountain. The historical triumph is achieved by consistent effort using our will power. A person can be good at something but to be great and best, it necessarily demands perfect pitched will. This is will power which delivers the quality of genuineness to any act. When we are firm to accomplish something then it comes from within. It is no more superficial. The true will vibrates in the accomplished task.


“I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.”- Pietro Aretino

To rule on oneself, one really needs tremendous amount of will power and self discipline. When one is capable to rule over himself then only he is called victorious in real manner. There are several habits and temptations in front of which we fail to curb ourselves. We get influenced so much that sometimes these enticements capture our mind completely and after indulging in these lures, we feel guilty and culpable. We punish ourselves in various manners but punishment is not the panacea. We need to stop and think what do we really want to change in us? The thing that really intrudes our life, we can change that, if we really decide to do so. Be it any habit whether overindulgence in foods or sweets or want to go for a brisk walk early morning. We can have all the way we want after all this is our life and control of it must be in the hands of the leader of the life.

Will power is basically a skill; we may say a soft skill which is unbeatable when it is in its full pure form. When we desire to consummate something, we program ourselves according to that. Our whole mind focuses on the aim that we want to achieve and make the things happen accordingly.

I still remember those board exam days when I used to wake up in early morning even before clock’s alarm. My mind was set on the goal to achieve excellent marks and that was so firm ingrained that it used to drive me. That was the will power that I felt at that point of time.

Many of us take New Year resolution. Where we reach to attain those resolutions can gauge our will power. It demands dedication to be perfect but this is what the fun part is.

One may work on it to increase the will power. It is that faculty of mind that provides us power to resist those things which might attract us but are not beneficial in a certain way and when we succeed to perform this even once , this enhances our confidence and consequently our will power too gets a step further in the index.

One may motivate himself to affirm this skill. One should feed the mind with powerful and hopeful thoughts and meditate on it. When we churn on such elevated and power packed thoughts, it becomes easy to resist when those odd conditions arrive in front of us. Inspirations like Wilma Rudolph, Swami Vivekananda, Helen killer and many more; they were the personifications of will power. They attained whatever they wished because they believed in their true potential and never questioned that. They also failed many times but they did not let it affect them, instead they worked harder with a much more refined will and conviction. Will is constant conviction in other words. If these great people can achieve such unimaginable victory then we too can if we really wish.

Will power propagates miracle, creates history when it is free from doubts and impurity. It always emerges victorious and we all have that tremendous will seed inside us. We just need to tap it and then the sheer prowess and spellbound magic will flow through our thoughts, words, actions.

where there’s a will , there’s a way.

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