Because every love story doesn’t has a happy ending

Everyone wishes to be in a relationship to be loved by their life partners . And God has made a lover for everyone in the world. Even i was lucky to have that lover .

Yes , his name was Kabir .Kabir and me were school friends . 5 years back i had a crush on kabir and so did he . Kabir was the most hottest guy in the school , every girl wanted to be with him .but i always felt that kabir is different . He is a total gentle men with a kind heart .


Kabir was one of the cutest guy. I had a developed deep crush on him . Kabir and me were good friends from the very begining. One day Kabir asked me to join a class together . I wasnt ready first but after his efforts i replied yes to join the class. Even i wanted to spend time with my crush but i never allowed kabir to know about it .One day after the class we decided to go to a ice- cream parlour … While eating ice-cream kabir told me that he had a crush on me when we were in 6th grade , i blushed and replied so did i !

After that day kabir and me were attracted to each other . We spoke day and night . He started flirting with me and so did I . Kabir and me started speaking late nights .We had fun all the time . One day when we were talking in the night time . I told kabir to maintain a distance with me or else i will fall for him and he replied so do you wish to go in a relationship with me ? I thought kabir is kidding and thats why i said yes ! I wish too. The very next day kabir texted me “hey,baby how are you ?” And i replied ” with a question mark (?)? . He said “DONT YOU REMEMBER LAST NIGHT YOU ARE MY GIRL NOW !!” . I felt that was really cute .This is how we started dating .


Kabir was a very romantic person . He loved me alot and he always made me realise that i am the most important person in his life . I use to feel loved when i was with that men . His smile made me smile. Kabir was just a perfect boyfriend material. I loved him alot . We did have many fights but those fight were not bigger than our love for eachother. Kabir never made me feel that I am in a competition with some other girl. Time passed ! me and him had completed 3.5years of our relationship . I was a very proud girlfriend because i knew kabir can never leave me may what come !

But then he had to go! …. after so many years i trusted kabir alot . In my view my love for him was increasing i never thought of ditching or dumping him so didnt he. But when we entered our graduation i realised that may be kabir is attracted to someone . I asked kabir about him and he accepted the fact that he is attracted to one of her friends because she reminds her of the old me. I thought they are just friends and so were they . But i had just become a possesive girlfriend , every moment kabir spoke to a girl i felt that he is attracted to her . Somewhere or the other i was taking his space and one day kabir told that HE WANTS A BREAKUP ! i was shocked i told kabir that i loved him alot and i dont want to leave him but he didnot hear a word . I was broken , my heart which beated just for him had stopped working .Kabir was my love but he was going … because he was fedup of me !
For almost 2 months i didnot sleep . I cried all day all night because i missed him so much , i loved him so much .Kabir always said that he is leaving me for my benefit , for me to become strong again. I asked him many a times that i love him and i want him back . But the answer was always “no”.


Kabir didnot realise that his way of making me strong was not the right way . Kabir broke me from inside, he thought leaving me on the track he promised he willl never leave will workout. I had stopped trusting everyone because I felt if my boyfriend can leave me anyone can ! After few months i realised that kabir still loves me and he did everything for me to become the strong girl i was . After 6 months i felt that i am strong again and his mission was completed. But he is no more the same guy , he doesnt acts the same way he was with me before after all we are just friends now. He doesnt makes me feel loved , he keeps on chit-chatting with other girls that doesnt harms me , but realising that my ex is attracted to some other girl affects me alot. May be kabir has no such intention for the girl . But just because of his charm and his jolly nature any girl may get missconception that kabir is intrested in her. I wish i could tell him that I LOVE HIM ALOT and i am always going too .. i want him to understand me the same way i try to understand him . I want him to give me a chance to change myself and be the same girl again and to love him till my last breath!!!  I know he will return again because deep inside his heart he loves me more than I do !Kabir is always going to be the best guy I have  ever met …

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