Every Song Ends, But is that any Reason to not to Enjoy the Music?

While sitting to write this article, one part of my brain is trying to decide upon a dress for my college farewell, another part is getting all emotional and sentimental about how the college life is coming to an end and one part is trying to battle all these thoughts and cheer myself up. Three years of graduation, a bunch of pretty awesome people and hell load of fun, all this is going to be over soon and the thought of passing out from college and never being able to live this life again scares and depresses me at the same time. And somewhere this thought is making me so sick that am not even being able to enjoy these last few days with my friends and all I can think about is how all this is going to be over soon.

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But then, somebody said, “Every song ends, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music?” Well yeah that’s some truth over here. All good things come to an end. Every phase passes after some time, be it good or bad. Maybe that is the best thing about the bad times and the worst thing about the good times that they can’t be forever. But if we stay much engrossed in what will happen after it’s over then we deny ourselves from the opportunity of enjoying it when it’s still there.

This takes me back to a couple of days when there was a photography exhibition by a friend who started the photography society of our college. Now since he is also graduating this year it was the last time when he could put in all his efforts and showcase his talent in an exhibition in front of the whole college. And the fact that things won’t be the same an year later was disappointing him to the verge of getting him teary eyed. For a guy like him who has a keen interest and passion for photography I can understand how he must have been feeling but guess what? Who knows an year later he might be getting a larger and a better platform to showcase his talent. Or what more advanced opportunities are lying in store for him. Isn’t it?

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We often keep moaning over times that are about to be over and while that we forget to enjoy it while it’s still happening. Some of you might be afraid of entering into a relationship and decline a pretty genuine proposal just by thinking that it will have to end someday, you two will break up and will have to walk your own ways. But have you thought about the time for which you will actually be together and be happy? The time when you will feel loved and wanted by somebody special. Even if it doesn’t last for months or years, if it can make you happy it is worth it.

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Now I’ll come to the topic of this article. Every song ends. True that isn’t it? No song can go on forever no matter how melodious it sounds or what effect it has on its listeners. It has to end after a while. But does that make you stop from listening to it? Does the thought ever crosses your mind that after a couple of minutes this song will be over so I shouldn’t start listening to it or enjoying it at all? I don’t think so. Then why do we do this with other things in life? Everything comes and goes. When something ends it might be making space or preparing you for something better. As you never know what is in store for you?

Okay now if you are bored talking about phases of life and all that serious stuff, then I’ll just say something very usual and regular, which we experience every week. You know that feeling you get on a Sunday evening? After having a weekend to relax and rejuvenate suddenly on Sunday evening you get reminded of the fact that the next day is again going to be a working day and you will have to get back to your hectic schedule. Well that is also a time which reminds me of all the work and assignments I was supposed to do during the whole weekend and I deliberately forgot them and preferred watching television! But doesn’t that feeling kinda spoils the rest of the Sunday evening too? For me it always does. But only if I’m able to stop worrying about the next day for a few hours and actually enjoy the present then atleast I’ll be having a happy and tension free weekend.

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Every song ends but there is also another one in queue. Similarly every experience of life ends but there is some other waiting for you. And even after that has ended it never fails to leave an impression on your mind and heart as the memory stays with you for a longer period of time. So instead of being sad about what has come to a halt, be glad that it happened. For life is always about the journey and not the destination!

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