Brimming with a superficial knowledge of a subject deep enough to be researched commenting on the condition of people or being mocked by someone too caring, brooding over our upbringing we take for granted certain things one amongst them being commenting on peoples condition, it seems in our virile to make fun of others or comment atrociously on someone’s disorder. We get carried over with the glamour and we let go the real pain.

In our everyday lives we come across so many people, from whom we remember only few, we get swayed away with some ones good looks or some others great possessions. We observe we try to see and get too much inclined to comment for the overall personality of a person with just a single look.

People are so eager to peep in others life and spread a word all over if something bad is heard or seen. People are too quick to comment on someone and give names with every preceding incident; where as the real story turns out to be something else.

think before u speak

We encounter many people every day and even get a fair chance to have a conversation with some, after which we realize that behind all these masks, someone who is just opposite from their outer appearance .With a beautiful smile of a humble lady we tend to get attracted towards her and considering her to be the happiest woman on earth we take her smile for granted thinking her nature to be such.

It`s a really hard task to get to know people with their outer look, some may seem happy and prosperous whereas they might suffer bitterly within and some may seem gloomy with all the wealth of this world.

Its  Societal behaviour which is so much within each one us that we do not realize what we are saying and to whom ,we comment on someone looking like a joker wearing some different kind of clothes or we consider naming some lady wearing a heavy makeup to be bad in character without even trying to know her name. Do we at some point of time just give a break to our mind and consider as to what we are saying and thinking about some unknown person, Do we realize before throwing harsh words at others that what would they mean to them, Have we ever pondered over as to why a being is smiling too much, boozing all night, or as to why is there a little more make up on someone`s face than needed.?

We all are superficial  beings turned too much materialistic and meanwhile we have lost our basic ethics, we do not have time to console a being but enough of time to surf the web, We all are losing our human self and allowing machines to rule over us.

Do we have any right to comment on someone, if we do not know someone`s story if we have not helped someone on their way up then we have no right to let them down. We feel hurt and disgraced if someone pokes us for our doing something or comments on us, We then think that it`s our life given to us to be lived just once ,So why others are sneaking in why are they commenting if they don`t know our story.? We feel these questions fair enough to soothe us and avoid others poking but we on our part never give up any chance to comment on others dilemmatic situation when they need a helping hand a shoulder to cry on a listening ear to hear their unique story, then why don`t we spare them of tour rude comments. We should realize that if we`ve been given this one life, similarly others too are blessed with just one life and they have all the right to live in their own terms!!


Every being holds a story which is as unique as their very existence and that story is thriving hard to be the best of all, it wants to be heard, to be felt and to be acknowledged with love.

Its pity on us, when we shoo.. off the ones who need us, when we throw stones of our harsh comments ,it`s a disgrace on us if we make fun of a physically ill being, Beauty is supposed to be skin deep, we are given senses to bless others ,help others and elevate ourselves along with others, We should think a million times before giving names to others or commenting on them on their looks, because the lady wearing that mask of extra make up has been crying all night, that man with funky looking clothes has just recovered to live his life all over again, that lady smiling too much has only two more weeks to live   ,that man boozing has lost all his fortune ,that strict parent has seen much more pain.

everyone is unique

Life is a blessing for me, for you and for this entire human race, it`s a gift to be cherished be everyone, think before you say something, act wisely because that someone hurt could be you tomorrow and then someone else will be back to you with those harsh words when you will be in need of a helping hand. Life is a big circle, what you give comes back to you

So from now on, love more, hurt less, think more, comment less, Help more and be a wise soul!!

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