Evoke the Saint Within

Existence of life in the earth is since ages. It has seen all the varying times and changing people. It has gone through a whole cycle of ordered state to chaotic state. Earth is a stage where this world drama takes place continuously. Several characters participate and play their part simultaneously. Religion says that each and every one on this earth is basically a pure being but as the time passes roles change. Some plays heroic roles, some villainous, some normal, some extra ordinary. Earth comprises of people of different natures and personality traits. Each one is necessary and unique part of this big play. In this world drama, there has been an important part of some virtuous people who were exceptionally qualitative and patient with difficult situations as well as people. They were called “saint”.

The whole spectrum of such people includes Guru Nanak, Buddha, Kabir, Mahavira, Jesus Christ and many more. They were those enlightened personas who had the power to influence life of masses. They devoted their whole life for the goodwill of society. There was something more appealing and vibrant in them that touched everyone unanimously. Their qualities were in awake state and apparent. They helped selflessly and never expected anything in return. Their sole aim was to heal, help and love. Whenever society saw a scattering phase, such saints incarnated, not only in India but also across the whole world where civilization was facing these problems. They were meant to arrive at those critical junctures and to tackle the problems by showing and delivering god’s message and values.


Actually they were the medium to show us our original true potential and a way to get connected with God. Whatever they said was almost the same except the unique style of each of them. They all taught us love, peace and compassion. They taught us the way of living.

They accomplished their job and went away. Time cycle led to see and experience new ages and incidents.

Now the world has changed. It is the time of science. Iron age, where everything outside is just growing and developing at a very fast pace and with the similar pace many valuable things are at a descent inside us. With the time, meaning of religion has also changed.

We have always been respectful towards saints and divine souls since many years because we have felt and experienced their divinity. We worship them like God and trust them fully and unconditionally but this is the time of ambiguity, where people have totally lost their memory about who they are and how religion is relevant to their daily life and somewhere due to this unclarity many other elements such as fear, insecurities and blind faith on anyone and anything has taken place into religion. It has distorted the actual meaning and gist of religion.

This ambiguity is the reason of degradation of our power to discriminate. Now religion is full of fear and countless rituals which show that we have started to believe at anyone who claims to be a saint or messenger of God. There is a section of people who are taking the advantage of this fear and insecurity and exploiting us. Several cases and incidents have occurred in recent times that show a mirror to our societal condition that how much pressure and fear is there in the name of God. We can go to any extent for this, from sacrificing animals or even sometimes human beings, to believing at anyone blindly.

We need to stop and check that nowadays those people who claim to be saints, are they really worth of being called that? We have to utilize our own mind’s power to discriminate to come to a decision. Religion teaches us that each being is divinely beautiful and full of potential. We can do anything and everything on our own worth and dedication. Whenever life goes through a difficult chapter we remember God and try to get connected to him. We search him in as various ways as possible. We go to even those persons whom we respect and value as an enlightened one. We become their disciple but sometimes in today’s age we face deception too and this causes to more confusion, a feeling of betrayal and sometimes even helplessness.

A saint is always that person who will help us without any personal agenda of him. He will serve everyone and anyone of the society unconditionally and equally. He will love and will always be ready to help and to give. These are the characteristics of a saint soul. All who has been through here, they all possessed these qualities and now when we look around of us, we really don’t find anyone in such way. Not even in most of them who claim to be a saint. Then question arises that if we have to go to get connected to God, to whom should we go? Well, the answer has been given by many pure souls themselves. We just need to relook at their teachings and values.

They all believed in the divine potential of every being on this earth. They never claimed that they are the God. They always said that they are his sons like we all are. They came to message us that our potential is within us. We need not to search it outside or to go to anyone to realize god.

Now when the society is facing such gloom phase of blind faith and confusions, we need to believe and imbibe the message given by those saints and bring it to our actions. We have to understand and look at the definition of saint from a different perspective and a more real one that ‘saint is necessarily not someone, who wear white clothes and leave the home to pursue his beloved God’. A saint is that person who personifies all those values or at least try to inculcate those values, which benefits the society. That person can be anyone, working in an office, leading a family life, very normal and even contemporary. All what matters is that how much that person really understands the religion in real manner and implements it into his life. We need to open up our mind and ponder on it seriously that religion is not about completion of any ritual or to go to anyone but it’s about bringing out our own potential and evoking the saint within us. We all have that property; we just need to be free from all these labels of unnecessary fear, confusion and blind faith.

‘Have faith in our own divine potential’ was the message of those divine saints. Let’s comply with them and evoke the saint within.

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