Expectations- To Have or Not To?

Expectations, the word so highly used and discussed and dissected fragment by fragment and bit by bit, a poor fellow who receives all the blame of everybody’s frustrations and disappointments, yet a word with so much importance that Charles Dickens actually wrote a book titled Great Expectations (sic).
I have heard it many times, a million times, perhaps more than a million times, more than my ears can bear-
Never Expect Anything. Expectations Lead To Disappointments. Selfless Love, Without Expectation.
And yet,every single day, as I carry on with my day, begins the series of expectations from each and every person in my vicinity including myself.
From my mother in the morning, who prepares my breakfast, to the milkman who comes to deliver the milk, everyone has a a pivot of expectations on which their life roles and the funny part is that despite of the infamous taboo over expectations, we still have them, possess them and above all fulfill them with the expectation of our expectations to be fulfilled.
Now a very important question that rises is, whether one should follow up the advice that the age old learned men have been passing on or one should try to retrospect the actuality behind the working of this thing.
Life is largely a matter of expectations and primarily, self expectation.
A child expecting her father to protect her in times of troubles or our parents expecting us to serve them in their old age or a good teacher expecting to see her students excel in the examinations are just simple instances wherein one actually needs to pause and think again about whether having expectations is a bane or a boon.
Quiet often it is preached that one shouldn’t expect anything from the person one loves whereas the undeniable fact of the matter is that it is the people one loves, the people whom one cares about, are the ones from whom aur biggest expectation arise and vice versa. Afterall, we wouldn’t go after some random stranger and wish for him to be there for us in our happy and good times, infact is that kind of situation does arise, then it would be called as ‘High Expectations’ instead of the ones which arise for an from our loved ones. So, it would be foolishness to consider expectations as a burden, instead consider it a gift because if people expect something from you, it means you have given them reasons to believe in you. How honourable is that!! A person actually placing his/her trust in you!! It’s nothing but a mere hope, a mere wish that somehow has a way of warming the heart and spirit.
Then there is a very different kind of Expectation, which does not involve anyone from the outside and it’s all about one ownself, when the ‘Me-Myself-and-I” factor comes into play and that is known as Self Expectation.
A belief here makes me write that Self Expectation is the key ingredient for the recipe to live a kickass life because in order to succeed beyond wildest expectations, one needs to begin with having wild expectation in the first place.
Self Expectation is that one thing that can never let anyone down, so it is most important than anything else in the world. If one has high expectations of oneself then one is bound to succeed because that expectation would motivate you to work hard and achieve what one aspires for.
Expectations are not just mere hopes that are laid upon someone in order to create a panicky situation wherein one fails to cope-up and starts to fail, instead it could be called a self-fulfilling prophecy which helps to focus our thoughts, helps to set our  goals and to set on the path of success, working to the best of one’s capacity and capability to fulfill those expectations. And you may never know when you might actually work beyond the hopes and exceed the limits and not just meet the expectations, but exceed them!! So one could easily conclude that high achievements always take place in the framework of high expectations.
So instead, of making a phobia out of this word and throwing a fuss or tantrum when someone expresses his/her wish from you, it would do far more good if one takes it on a positive note and try to make something constructive out of it, be it any sphere of one’s life, whether it is academics, work and career or relationships.
Exceed one’s own expectation and be totally remarkable. Set an image for oneself, meditate it, internalise that image that one sees oneself as and motivate oneself to set on the path of betterment with high values and ideals which may continually help to aspire one to live up to the greatest and highest that is in oneself. When you make the decision to act consistent with the highest principles you know, you begin to enhance your personal power.
So it would be be no harm in setting expectations for oneself and working towards achieving them, no need of cringing on hearing the desires and wishes of our dear ones, instead trying to prove oneself worthy and capable of the picture they see us in.
They say expectation is the mother of all frustration, but it would do good to believe that expectation is ultimate source of  inspiration and motivation.

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