Experience Life- It’s Worthwhile After All

“There is nothing so easy to learn as experience and nothing so hard to apply.”

                                                                                                                                                                                   — Josh Billings

Experience is the sum of our defeats in life. Experience is a web that traps not only what is necessary but also everything else. Our experience makes us conscious of our capabilities in life and gives us the courage to take the next step despite making a lot of mistakes previously. It is by virtue of experience that you are able to differentiate between right and wrong; between the transient and enduring.

In life, several moments of despair come, from one moment to next life changes, faith is not what it was, things do not happen as you dreamed they would, tragedies occur in unfair and unexpected ways, prayers are not heeded and hopes are lost, the world seems meaningless and the heart refuses to respond. At such moments, you need to keep on. Keep trying as these very moments will enrich your life experience. They will not be futile. They will make you learn a lot. Joys and sorrows are a part of life. You need to keep your spirits high in both the situations and absorb the experiences that these circumstances have on offer. You need to accept your passions and resolve not to lose enthusiasm.

Experience does not let you lose sight of your goal. It never makes you forget what you have endured. It does not let you forget the valuable bonds forged over time. Balance your life and trap all the experiences. After all, God only helps those who help themselves. Joy will be back and angels will bestow their best blessings upon you. Lack of struggle weakens the soul. Have strength to confront evil. Even evil experiences can strike a chord and enhance your strength. Experiences might be good or bad, obnoxious or amazing. Each one should be absorbed in its entirety paving the way for your growth. Courage on the path itself makes the path appear. It is up to you to make the journey of your life worthwhile.

On the path of life, we try to follow the rhythm set by others. It is solemnly advised to follow your own rhythm even though you might take longer than the others to reach the destination. You might have to walk alone but only by respecting your own rhythm you can manage to complete the journey.


You know you have failed a number of times but still you are better than the rest because you have experienced a number of ways that make you fail and this gives you the courage to tread on the path of success. Your experience of failing makes you more worthy of success. Experience is the reason your seniors are a step ahead of you in life always. Life is a journey of joys, sorrows, mistakes and experiences. Make sure you experience everything. Do not lose out on life experiences. They have the potential to teach you more than what books can. There is a world beyond books which is more enriching, versatile, practical, realistic, spontaneous and fun.     

Experience teaches you everlasting lessons. That moment of limitless joy and that sudden smile on your face after experiencing something amazing is unparalleled. Nothing beats the satisfaction of experiencing that cold wind after a hot day or the heat generated by a bonfire on a chilly winter night. The experience of school days spent in cracking jocks with friends is cherished for a lifetime. Those family trips and adventurous trips with friends instill a sense of vivacity, enthusiasm and zeal in you. The experience of bunking classes, snoring in class, sitting in the canteen is all that matters in life. Equations and calculations will be forgotten. Trophies will gather dust but a life well experienced will stay with you forever. Try out each and everything that you can without fear. You will feel a sense of thrill and excitement experienced never before. Enjoying the elongated vacation and getting ready for the first lecture in college right after that makes you crave for that vacation even more. One experience teaches the value of another and life goes on this way. Life is unimaginable without these small experiences that make you what you are. Your experiences define you and your life. Your life is composed of the things that you have experienced over time.

Also, your experiences make you more mature, decisive and competitive. Some things can be learnt only after faltering, only after committing mistakes. Experience instills in you the confidence to not commit that same mistake again. It is at these times that experience comes in handy. Experience helps you in making more responsible decisions for the future. Experience enables you to achieve. Experience has the capability to make a winner out of you. While we may complain and fuss about the uncalled for advices that our elders give to us, on the contrary these advices are precious and are always true as they have stood the test of time. They come from experienced individuals and hence they are precious.

Experience the experience of Life!


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