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People are of different mind sets around us. While some of them can express anything to anyone without the feeling of being judged or they do not feel shy to express themselves to the world, some of them are too shy that they cannot communicate properly with the world. They are at their best when they stay alone, but when it comes to interacting with outsiders, their hands start shaking, their mouth gets dry and not a single word comes out of their mouth.

The people who can express efficiently with the world and can stay concerned with the knowledge obtained from the outside than self are known as extroverts. The people who cannot communicate effectively with the world around them and are happy to stay within themselves are termed as introverts.


However, when the behavior of both extroverts and introverts are examined, it is observed that extroverts gather the attention of many when compared to the introverts. This is not a bad thing or nothing to be jealous of. If you really think you deserve the attention for your work, you need to be expressive and explain people about your talents and exhibit them. Because the world accepts only results and if you are unwilling to speak out, how would anyone know about you at all?

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If you would like to change for the better, become an extrovert, start it today. It is nothing that would lessen your status; instead it will increase your fame once you start telling people about yourself and your achievements.

Start it all by making up your mind towards being an extrovert. Being an extrovert, wanting to grab the attention of many is not at all a negative thing. This is the natural instinct of a human. But some people fail in being expressive. So make up your mind and concentrate on the positive sides of being an extrovert. Many of us might feel that extroverts are not so intelligent, they just blabber what comes to their mind. But no, extroverts are thoughtful and intelligent too. They have amazing social skills as they know how to communicate with people and how not to.


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Think of the transition as a journey from being introvert to extrovert. Scientists have said that every human being has certain features that would place them in the category of ‘extroverts’. So discover the extrovert within yourself and introduce them to the outer world. Slowly clear each step and reach your goal.


Start with small things. For example, spend some time daily towards something which you feel a bit uncomfortable, like introducing yourself to your neighbor and having a chat with them. It may seem difficult for the first 2 or 3 times, but after that, it is just a cake walk and you start feeling comfortable with people around you.

Go around with people. If your friend invites you to their party, do not hesitate thinking that you will be left all alone or you cannot express openly. Take this as a challenge. Every team has a role that is left unattended. You never know, you might be you are the perfect person for the team. Enjoy the experiences you have got from attending the party. Get closer to people. The more closer you get to people, the more extroverted you become. All these memories will make you excited to attend similar parties next time and hence increase your interaction with the people and you will be able to express your thoughts more comfortably.

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Show your strengths. If you think you cannot start a topic of your own are too puzzled to figure out what to start with, now this is the time to play your strengths. For example, if you like movies and watch a lot of movies, start the discussion talking about the movie you have recently watched and this will give you positive results. If the other people have seen the movie, they join into the conversation and discuss it along with you and if they haven’t they would ask you questions about the movie and get information from you. Either of the ways are beneficial as they improve your interaction with the people from outside.


Learn to interrupt. Often introverts are known as people who are too nice. Extroverts are people who interrupt, tell people what they want to, even if it means that they are interrupting other people involved in your own conversations. Whenever you want to tell anything, do not hesitate and express it then and there.


One of the interesting qualities of an extrovert is being humorous. Most of the extroverts have a good sense of humor and they make people around them laugh. Hence they gain attention among the people and are given higher importance when compared to others. Try developing a good sense of humor by discovering yourself and you will surely excel it. This is not just for the people around you to be happy, but it is also for you to stay happy.


Following all these will make you a successful extrovert. Doesn’t mean that being an introvert is negative but by being an extrovert, you will learn people, learn the world, learn how to gain appreciation for your work and stay contented.

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