What F.R.I.E.N.D.S taught us; The family of strangers

Most of us students are ending a year of academics. I am in my last year now at Degree College and the toughest part about this year is the separation from the little world created by our friends. I’m sure most of you are already feeling pretty nostalgic, trying to recollect every little small thing and event that took place in past few years. But there are friendship’s that have lasted more than just a few years or even decades! The popular American television series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., gave us 10 years of unforgettable laughs, cries and taught us that relationships outside our families are just as maintainable and precious.


Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe these names are synonymous with every kid of this generation now. If you are one of those who hasn’t yet watched it! It isn’t too late yet in fact it will never be late to watch to this series. These 6 individuals, some friends from childhood some who met by fate embody different aspects of individuals and relationships that occur in real life. Admit it each one of us has the friend who is a massive foodie and a complete ladies man, a geek, the beauty queen , the one with Obsessive Compulsive Order  and the one who acts like a total hippie but is really very realistic about life. Every time I would watch the show, I wished someday I have friends who I could live with every day, call them my neighbours and do whatever that pleased us! But it isn’t very possible at this stage of life. At least my life right now. But know if you can make it happen do it! Although in a country like ours, where most residential areas are occupied by a proper family unit, the chances of a group of youngsters/middle-aged/older men or women living together maybe seen as a nuisance. With India fast forwarding as a more westernized country and losing its traditions, the generation before us feel the need to get their children back to our roots. They aren’t wrong, they are correct at where they stand. But if the individual decides that it is time to experiment then, let them go. Experience is what will get you places, not staying stationary.


Each episode had a message in it, although we cannot crack jokes like all of them all the time. ALL THE TIME *like Chandler would say it*. Like let’s take the pilot episode, Rachel comes drenched in her wedding gown after leaving her to be husband at the altar. She comes to a long lost friend, Monica, all the way to New York City, whom did she not even invite to her wedding. At once she comes to her aid and so do the others. Although the rest are going through their own emotional roller coaster with their love lives, helping out the damsel in distress let them distract themselves from their problems. I read somewhere that, when you are going through turmoil with you, either talk to someone about it or resolve it yourself. The second best thing to do is, to go help another person in need, if you help that person come out of their issue you have the assurance they will be there to help you when you need them. Exactly what Rachel did, this act bound everybody together for a pretty long time. Monica somehow became the motherly figure in the whole group; trying to help every single person because of her disorder you can say so, ha ha! Even though Joey and Phoebe seemed like the more immature of the group, in due time, a lot was learned from both of them. Phoebe was brought up in tough conditions; she still made it through and always did everything she could to make her dreams come true. Her humility was what stood out the most along with her innocence. Joey, the failed actor in search for order in his life, his story did never end in the series, he had various ups and downs in life, from losing love to losing jobs, but the perseverance he had was commendable.

No one will ever know why friends are such an important part of your life. How you connect to stranger is a mystery. It’s rather important to have a good set of friends rather than have the ones who don’t really do much for you. We may never have the chance to live like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S did but making the best time with them for life, is what will keep the friendship going. Somewhere it really isn’t necessary to speak every day, but whenever you do, you know you can just talk about anything you want without having to hesitate at all. That is when you know you have found true friends. In a world where bringing the other down is way to get yourself higher, finding a diamond amongst rocks is hard. But every human is not a rock, they are somebody’s diamond too, never forget that. Some individual’s wavelengths don’t match with ours which is why jealousy and hate arises. Its normal, but having respect for that individual shows you are a good human. When you do come across such people just tell yourself, ‘I don’t hate you I am just not that excited with your existence’ and leave it at that. Whenever you make a new friend you give a part of your life to them. Making your partners (husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend) as friend is VERY essential. Our family members are our friends too!!

I believe in not saying a lot and leaving it to your understanding so,



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