When Faced with Crossroads, be Extra Cautious.

Setting goals in life is just a part of leading a productive life. Even after you have decided the destination that you want to reach in life or I must say the destinations that you want to visit on the path to success in your life, there is a lot more to ensuring that you are truly content and satisfied. More important than the destination or is the journey to it. It is not about the end results that you produce, but it’s the way you produce them. There are multiple ways to achieve a certain goal and some of them might be easier and ways that promise success in a shorter period of time. Whenever you reach such a crossroad in life, there are certain questions that you must ask yourself. Moreover, these questions should be asked by you not only because your choice will determine the purity and validity of your success but also affect the chances you have of achieving the goals that you have decided for yourself.
Sometimes, don’t you think that life is too complicated and it should have been easier? I agree but then the quiddity of life would have been lost. Life is a test. There are choices to be made and it has to be complicated so as to adhere to the nature’s rule of survival of the toughest. Had making choices been a simple task, every person would have been living his life without regrets. In fact, the word regret would not even exist!
There’s an important trick to be learnt if you want to make right decisions most of the time. The trick is pretty simple. Sometimes you need to make a choice to not make more. Confused? Don’t be, let me explain. You see, sometimes there are way too many options when they shouldn’t really exist. Waking up in the morning is essential because you need to be on schedule and follow your daily routine. Let us say that one fine morning you open your eyes but you are too tired to leave the comfort of your bed and get out of it. Maybe you can afford to sleep for five or ten minutes more but what if there is an important even scheduled for that day? Can you afford to miss it? No, you cannot. So in such a case by all means you cannot choose to stay in bed or call in sick. Why? Simply because it is not an option. Have you ever thought that why is it not an option? Just because there is something important lined up for you on a particular day, you cannot even consider staying in bed if it can risk you being late or missing it. This is so because your mind considers possibilities as options or alternatives based upon their consequences. No wonder why wise people advise that before going ahead with any action, we should look into its possible consequences and then make a final decision.
Most of the times, we lack a certain amount of clarity that is required by the human brain for it to think straight. The best way to go about making wise decisions and the right choices in life is to be goal oriented. A goal oriented person is always making decisions by setting his goals on the first priority. It makes things a lot easier. Being goal oriented makes sure that the person is always concerned about his goals first and not on petty and unproductive issues. I do not say that being goal oriented will always help you make the decisions which will thus make you successful. Failure is a part and parcel of life and it cannot be ignored. There are times when people have worked hard and done all that they could but things just do not happen the way they should. It is not because of their choices or decisions. They might have made all the right ones but being successful is not completely their choice. I choose to believe that God always has a special plan for everybody and failure too should be greeted with open arms as success is. In one of my previous articles, I have mentioned that God works in mysterious ways. Failure, if accepted in the right manner can teach a person more than what success can.
Thomas Alva Edison failed a ridiculously large number of times while attempting to invent the light bulb. He could have chosen to quit the first time he failed. He could have chosen to quit anytime he failed. However, he did not. Do you know why? For Edison, quitting was not an option. His mind had already created a vision of the end product that he was attempting to invent. His mind could no longer imagine a world without the light bulb and thus each time he failed, he got back to give it another shot. When asked about his failures that he encountered he said that he did not consider them as failures because he learnt ways that would not make a light bulb. With each failure he knew that something had to be changed and he was determined to keep going on until he ended up having invented the light bulb.
You too need to set your goals and define them as clearly as you can. Imagine achieving them. Do not think about failure. This way, every time you are at a crossroad in life, you’ll know which way to go.

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