Failure is just to Try Again


Arthur Hugh Clough has stated beautifully that- ‘‘Tis better to have fought and lost, than never to have fought at all’. This is what life is all about. The complications in life are all caused by us and the competition around the workplace, studies and even relationships is always top-notch. Therefore, the only thing that we as a human can do is to fight hard for each and every opportunity that we lay our hands upon. It is always not about winning or losing but it is always about trying. You can only learn from your mistakes once you have admitted to make it. It does not mean that to learn you got to make mistakes at each and every moment. What it means is that you try your best at the thing but if it does not go along the way that you thought it would and it ends up as being a debacle then learn from the mistakes and try another idea to complete it. Don’t try to make it happen. Learn from the idea and make improvements in it or just make use of another idea to solve the problem. But mainly admit it that you have made a mistake.

There are times when people tend to be so self-obsessed that they do not want to admit that it was their fault in not addressing the problem in the right manner but handling it with the wrong idea. If you fail then try again…trying again and trying again…until you succeed. It is not about making a mistake and blaming others for it and trying to distance yourself from the lesson that you might be able to learn from it. Once you admit that the mistake was genuinely made by you, makes it easier for understanding the concept of learning from the situation and knowing the important life lessons from it. We are humans and we tend to falter at times. This does not mean that we make mistakes and failure for essential means so as to learn lessons…of course if you avoid making mistakes, it’s for best but if the things does not go as planned and you are doomed for failure then do not feel distressed. Learn from it and for future purposes avoid making such mistakes.

Whether when we are in school, family, work or anywhere, we are somewhat taught not to make mistakes and if we make one then we should feel guilty. This somewhat setbacks us from doing any mistakes but sometimes this leads to people giving up before they could reach their goals. If you are on for a target then you need to understand that to reach the goal and to attain it, you got to believe in yourself and be prepared for mistakes to happen and face them bravely. Always remember that the higher and tougher your goals are, the more you got to depend upon your abilities and the more you got to learn from your mistakes. People around the world tend to live through assumptions and for them it is like: if you fail a test, then you would be deemed as a failure and if you succeed, then you are a genius. Just know that it isn’t what the world perceives but what you achieve that really matters.

In your eyes, you have known the ways through which you would never reach the goals and know precisely the ways through which you can accomplish success. Stick to that…and do what your heart feels to do rather than getting measured up by the people around. Life is not about pleasing others but to understanding your own feelings and achieving what you always wanted to and showing the world what you are made up of. Self-awareness or knowing your abilities or discovering more about your self-identity is important for anyone and if it is not about making and learning from mistakes then you won’t be able to understand the meaning of courage, compassion, hard-work, creative ability and understanding the means of getting out of troubles and basically taking risks when the situation would demand you to take. Life is all about risks and once in a while at one moment in life, you would have to take the risk for sure. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from them at each and every moment. Try avoiding mistakes that is deliberate and might hurt you and others around you.

If there is a situation whose inference is a mistake then try to improve it but still it somehow turns out as a mistake then learn from it. Do not try to blame it on someone else. It’s your mistake and understand it, knows about what went wrong, forget about it but remember the lesson and never make that mistake again. Mistakes have happened and it is a thing of the past….don’t be in demise and think of it at each and every moment. It isn’t the way to learn from a mistake but it is about being the product of mistake yourself. Be courageous of admitting your mistakes but most importantly understand that if you fail then try again but do not accept defeat. This is what is called Life’s true essence!

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