Failures are Finger Posts on the Road to Achievement

“There is only thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve : the fear of failure”-Paulo Coelho ,The Alchemist. Failure is a part of everyone’s life. Life is almost incomplete without failure A  failure-pain and agony ,regret, tears, taunts. But is it really too sad to fail? Well , we don’t realise that failure brings us more than success could have got us. How? Failure teaches us to live, to face the world. “Failure is the condiment ,that gives success its flavour.

Failure in life can be at different stages, the failure of a girl child, just born to make her parents understand that she was not a burden on them, but could have made them rise their head really high up and make them proud .The failure of a student in his career, which results in suicides. Great pain and dismal thoughts.

Never they think of giving themselves one more chance. The failure of a young unrequited love ,resulting in hatred and revenge. Fills their mind with venom and doesn’t allow them to deal with the situation. Failure of a lover ,when he loses his real love for some reason. Fills him with regrets. Failure of a parent ,to make their child understand that whatever they’re doing is right for them. Makes them thing what was so wrong about their upbringing.

Failure of a mother when she sees her child getting used to unusual habits .All she things is was my love not enough to keep my child happy? The failure of a father to see his child sulking due to the same thing-FAILURE. The failure of a young couple unable to make a new life, leaving them shattered.

The failure of a woman whose modesty has just been outraged .Although she doesn’t knows, it is actually not her who has failed! The failure of an unemployed young blood who has so much knowledge but thinks all his life is just wasted. Is it really so? The failure of an elderly lady who is left by her family just to cut down the expenses.


When we glance through all this ,it fills our hearts with grief. But taking a closer look on it, we see that ,it is not that difficult to face all these bitter realities of life .It’s just a small transient phase of our lives. All the affliction and misery is temporary. And there is indeed a life beyond all that. Now imagine a scenario after this laceration ends, maybe the girl child just been dropped and taught a very good lesson to her parents.

They actually realize that they were the ones who were wrong for doing what they did to the innocent one for no valid reason as such .Although late enough, but she has changed their mindset and that is her biggest achievement at such a young age. Maybe they actually apprehend the importance of a girl child in their journey. Talking about the students failure ,it is a pretty much common thing these days. With so much competition and the high benchmarks of the council ,it is pretty much possible that they can fail. Well not actually fail, but improve themselves become tough and face their adversaries. And once they realise their weaknesses and work upon them ,you never know, they might achieve heights in their career .After all life does not end in mid 20’s. For as the failure of the unrequited love and the love ,failure brings to them strength.

The power to walk up even after being rejected. Just depends on how you want to face it -with the abhor of an emotional heart or with the positive direction of a practical mind .Life teaches you many lessons mostly through failure.”All of old .Nothing else never .Ever tried .Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”- Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho. As far as the failure of a parent is considered, a parent can never fail. Maybe they fail to understand what they want to explain to their ward in the first instance, but they have many ways in which they can try and keep on trying for the betterment of their child. And one fine day when their child realises that he has been doing wrong all his life by not listening to his parents, and follows the right path, It will be a day of ecstasy for his parents to see him going on the fruitful pathway where he will reap their sowings.
When a mother sees her little one going on the wrong path she shivers and breaks down. At that moment she will feel that there is something that is missing from her side. But when she calms down and gives a deep thought to it, she will realise that she can make her child come out of it and go on the right track.

The only need she requires is patience and she will overcome this with her affection again. Also this will make her more tolerant and patient and will help her deal with the even worse situations of her life. “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.” – Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture. As far as the failure of a father is concerned it will heal with the healing of his child. And we already know how the child has to deal with it. All he needs to do is support his young one and keep on boosting his morale from time to time. Well, this is a lot that he gets to learn. When it comes to nature, we cannot really do about it. If the couple has some issues regarding a young one then they can’t possibly do anything about it. But yes, their lives do not end here.

There are always alternatives to overcome this failure. They can possibly adopt a child who will get the affection he could not have otherwise and even the pair remains happy. But more importantly, it will teach them to move, move on and ahead even when life gives them lemons. Considering the case of outraging the modesty of a poor young girl, it’s not really her fault. She should not be the one sulking and cribbing about it. But should fight back. And when she succeeds, she will realise the power she has and what she can do. It will strengthen her more and will help her face such difficulties in life. Concerned with the ones who did that to her, well, they have indeed failed in their lives and there is no possible solution for them except for realising their mistakes and actually feeling sorry for themselves.

The old lady who has been thrown out by her kids, well she would just be happy for her family, that at least if not make them love her, she made her stand on their own feet. And of course she can do better things in life.
So failure my friends, is not a convulsion but it is a sweet malady that hurts initially but when overcome teaches us so much in life which could not have been achieved by the ones who never faced it. So next time you fail in your life, think about it. Don’t crib and cry instead feel lucky! Because you are going to learn a lot from it. So rightly said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ― Winston Churchill

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