Are We Faking It All?

Are we all faking it ? Trying to be someone or something we are not. Are we that inferior of our own selves?. All of us somewhere or the other trying our level best to be hide our true selves. And its not necessarily because we are under confident or not sure of our true selves but probably because we are trying to be someone else. Someone we aspire to become like. But we often forget that there is a very thin line between aspiring to be like someone and imitating someone.

There can be many reasons as to why  we are not completely being our true selves , one of the major being to be able to adjust in our nearby environment, so that we don’t look that weird or out of place.Basically to ” FIT IN” we fake. But in this process we are actually not only faking with others but with our own selves too. We hide things, suppress our feelings and our honest and genuine views points in the fear of being made fun off , or not being taken seriously. We all hide our true identity which after prolonged suppression tend to lose. In this process of being like someone else , we of often lose our own selves. Just because some person likes rock music and he/she is considered the cool one , we tend to like it too, no matter how irritating we find it.

Most of us fake also to be liked by all, its because we have this perception that if we behave in a certain way and like certain things , people will think that we are different. We forget that all of us in some way or the other different from each other and it should be completely fine if we like old classical music than rock music. It doesn’t necessarily makes you an ” Old School”. We all need to acknowledge and respect each others differences. Developing interest in something you like is different from developing interest in something to be liked or to be accepted. Jealousy , inferiority complex or maybe the glitters attached to being famous forces us to change.

Are we not perfect the way we are ?. Yes, we are. We are all just fine the way we are with the likes and dislikes we have. We don’t always have to ” fake it to make it “. One should just never let go of things they like or they like doing. Being true to one’s own self I believe is the best way to attract people , to make them fall in love with you for who you are not what you are pretending to be.We often see ourselves changing for people we want to be with. Just because your crush/boyfriend likes black coffee does not mean you have to like it too. Making somebody else’s liking as your own is not going to help you get them more easy. It may initially be useful to start up but definitely not in the long run. For how long will you be able to fake ? . How long will you be able to hide what you like and what not?. If people cant like you for who you are then there is no point. Positive changes are fine , but if you have to change totally ignoring your real self , then I don’t feel its worth the effort.

The happiness we get by faking cannot be real. Trying to convince ourselves and trying to justify it will not change the reality. We ourselves make it difficult for us to accept our reality. We not only lie to others , but to ourselves too.Why do we have to fake that smile when deep down inside we are shattered and we want to be alone and cry out loud.Its just to fake that we are not weak or we are strong enough to handle ourselves. These little lies help us get away with big issues we seriously want to avoid or get away with.Probably to avoid judgments and questionings.

While faking we usually lose the power to look deeper, to introspect, to work harder and to really stop and take a good look at ourselves and at our lives. Faking is kind of a defensive act to overcome ones insecurities and worries.You are trying to protect your self of ridicule which may harm your confidence. But one cannot be actually happy if their behavior is not in line with their real feelings. Faking i actually very convenient. We all pretend , but one cant pretend his/her whole life. That’s like murdering your own soul. People fear a lot, nobody wants to show their true intentions and emotions – but by suppressing our real emotions we become more shallow. One has to realize his/her worth the way they are .That they may not be important to all but they are to many. The question is are we all faking it ?. Yes. Maybe not all the time but at some point or other in life we are to make things easier for us, for the time being not actually realizing the consequences.

Anyone who composes and conducts at the same time is immediately the suspect , because he must be faking one or the other .

are we all faking it ?

are we all faking it ?

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