Family – They love and They’re loved!

What defines family for you? Ties of blood? Or Ties of love? Or perhaps it’s a blend of both? There’s the family you’re born into. Yours by chance. And there’s the family you find along the way. Yours by choice. I’ve been blessed, both by chance and choice.

They say a loving family is life’s greatest gift. True, that. My family is my most prized possession. Strip me off everything I own, but leave me my family, and I’ll want for nothing. One would think because I love them so, I ought not to take them for granted. It’s not something I am proud of, but I do take them for granted.

Perhaps it comes with the territory. You know, someone loving you in a way that makes you take them for granted because you just know they’ll always be there. Not that taking them for granted is alright. They’re precious, and you ought to tell them so. Your love for them must be strong enough that even when it may appear that you don’t care, they know that you do. Never mind, let’s not put the theory to rigorous tests by repeatedly taking them for granted. I for one, the moment I am done with this piece, am going to tell them I love them, and I am sorry for every time I hurt them by my asinine thoughtless actions. I hope you do, too?


Family sticks together. You can go your separate way, but so long as that love exists, you’ll come back. The roots, so to speak, remain where they were, regardless where you are. The roots may be ones you’re born with or ones you grow subsequently.

You know your family has got your back, like you’ve got theirs. Anyone says so much as a mean word to them, so much as looks at them the wrong way, they’re dead meat. Personally, I’ll chop the person who dares hurt my family into tiny-tiny pieces. Or perhaps I’d throw them to sharks, or leave fire ants on them, or pour boiling oil on them, or roast them alive, or throw them in a volcano, or play darts on them, or poke them with sword size needles, or tie them to a live wire, or leave them in a room filled with bees, or well, you get the idea. My options are myriad. What are yours?

No one, simply no one, says anything to family. You may say whatever you please and bite your tongue later. Funny, isn’t it, how complex we humans are?


It’s not always easy to live with family. They can be pull-your-hair aggravating at times. Nobody, mind, nags as good as a loved one! They know which buttons to push. There may be times you’d rather they leave you alone and get lost. Alas, family doesn’t get lost. And you know the catch here? We may feel we want them to go away, let me presumptuous and tell you that feeling is but an illusion. There are members in my family, whom I love dearly, but as much as it pains me to say, I think I wouldn’t have loved them had fate not taken the choice out of my hands right at birth. Petty of me, I know. But, hey, I am human. I may not like them at all times, but I can’t imagine life without them. There’s got to be at least one such member in your family, too!


Family is the foundation upon which you build your life. With a weak foundation, you only live half a life. The knowledge that what you build may crumble around you, stays in you like a virus, waiting for a chance to destroy you. The building crumbles and the virus starts destruction. We may go on breathing without a family, but we can’t live without it. It’s a crippled existence.

Some people are born with shallow roots, so to speak. Roots that become shackles and the person has no choice but to break free. There’s nothing wrong in that. A family not united by ties of love, is no family at all. You can grow new roots, lay a new foundation and build something strong, for self and for the generations to come. You may choose a lone existence. But, mind, it’s no existence at all.

The shared moments, cherished memories, the tough times, the funny times, laughter, love, tears—yeah, family makes life worth living.

It’s in our hands to build a home and make a family. Don’t make the mistake of losing them. Never miss out on telling them you love them. Yeah, they already know. They’re family, after all. No matter, be a parrot and tell them over and over again. It’s nice and fun!


Too much serious talk, right?! Let’s lighten the mood.

My mind, I am warning you, is going into fantasy world. I have a loving family, but I want more. You see, I am a greedy person. I want a guy, too. You know, a really amazing guy I’d like to introduce into my family, and be a part of his.

So, Mr. I-am-yet-to-meet let me tell you what your life will be like in my family. We’re a crazy lot, be warned. You will be a prime target for my sisters to tease. Oh, and they’re worse than mother hens. Did I mention one of them has a thing against a male being within ten meters radius of me? Did I mention my dad is a crack shot? Did I mention I have a somewhat volatile temperament and a chronic tendency to day dream? Well, Mr. You-better-be-tall, I’ll tell you more when I meet you, some seven-eight years down the line. Till then, go sow wild oats. You’ll pay for doing so when I see you!


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