Fascination : A journey through our Eyes

Planet Earth, the only planet in our solar system to posses the sustainable climatic conditions for optimum life survival. The human being, a seed of this planet earth, a complex living object constantly learning and growing. Man has evolved by watching and learning from his surroundings, earlier by watching animals and now by his fellow beings. Our eyes, the way we view the world around us, is just as profound as any other part of our body. The human eye is a natural wonder and operates just as a camera. 80% of what we perceive comes through our eyes. Our dreams are all images made up of what we see in our surroundings. Isn’t It just fascinating how much there is to see on every corner you turn. You find something new always.

Fact: Human eyes can detect 10 million colours hues! Except for infrared and ultraviolet hues. Insects can because of their eye composition.

Many of us have had the privilege to travel the world and experience the way of life in those parts. What our eyes capture are like images, captured by a camera, which stay glued to our minds. Certain events in life, seeing a family member smile because of you, graduation day, wedding day, looking into the eyes of your lover. We tend attach emotions to these images that we capture to be played over and over again in our memories. It is amazing how man is able to remember accurate details of important events taken place in his or her life.

Our eyes have the ability to express many of the emotions we feel, pain, joy, laughter, sadness, anger etc. They speak a thousand words. Take a look at this image of a girl. It has been picked as the 10th best magazine cover of the last 40 years by The American Society of Magazine Editors. A young Afghan girl, her eyes portraying various emotions here predominantly, the emotion of fear. Maybe you look at her say she is beautiful or filthy or maybe deprived of happiness and respect. How you think is how you see the world. Now look into the eyes of a baby, all you see is innocence. We all have that look in our eyes but our experiences differentiate us.


Imagine the life of a blind person then, can he feel the same? How would it be for a man who has seen the world to suddenly live in darkness? It is a curious topic how they survive. But they are the strongest willed humans you will meet. They may have one sensory organ failing them but their touch never lets them down. Do we take our bodies for granted just because we, as they say,” a perfectly manufactured piece”? We need to learn how to make the best of the time we get to see this beautiful world before it perishes.

Now, that we have discussed how much the outer world is important for our perception let’s take a look inside our minds too. Just as we talked about before, what we see is what we perceive. But to how much extent is that correct in laying down the fundamentals to your thought process? From a young age, we have always been shown the distinction between correct and incorrect. However our experiences differ from those who taught to be cautious. What I am trying to say here is, are you a blind follower or a leader? Would you choose what has been laid down for you or take a risk and make your own choices? The process of learning never stops however if you keep a blind fold on your eyes you will never cease to rise in your own eyes,” Narrow mindsets”.  Opening to your eyes which is a gateway to your mind is what is needed in the world today. The constant urge to acquire knowledge.

The blind fold creates a psychosis, defying you from any foreign information to enter your mind. Doesn’t just thinking about make you uneasy? Imagine if you lived a hundred years only in one city or never done anything new because you feel it does not consent your morals, how monotonous would your life be? Now here I want to mention that I am not referring to religion or science or any other practises as such. Each individual is to his own. You decide how you want to see the world based on the way you have experienced the world.

I am only a free soul here putting out my little thought on how our visions deceives us and builds us and helping you get a little into my head too. “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act o their dreams with open eyes and make them possible” lines by T.E.Lawrence. There is a lot to be learnt from this world that we are born into, once you open your eyes you open doorways to new possibilities.

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