Fight for life and live through Darkness

Life can be described in many ways. Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes. Life is an incurable disease. For some life is understood by moving backwards but must be lived while moving forward. Every person out there has their own point of view regarding it and it all basically has been set up through various hardships, situations and struggles which happened time to time.


The level of development of life is likely to be the consequence of a complex set of experiences and situations which came in form of historical, cultural and even sociological factors. Life experiences tend to become necessary to reduce the humungous disparities and increasing the intellectual and strengthen nature of the brain. It forms as being a scheme of resources deployed by nature to teach you well about the lessons so inhabited that would imbibe and incorporate in you strength enough to fight the world in the best possible manner you can. The primary role of situation, happenings and heart-breaks in life are to make you experience and understand how much strength you need to live life, fight for it and live through the darkness and know its valid importance.

Just imagine. You are sitting aloof thinking about the ones who hurt you and imagining ideas on taking revenge on them but it is you who are suffering. Just move forward, learn from the past mistakes and show to the ones who hurt you, to those who tried to take advantage of you, to those who tried to catch hold of your leg and pulled you down into the pit of darkness. Get up, strive hard and show these people that you are a diamond who shines more and more when life increases the struggles and you can fight back because you have prowess unlimited.

Take hold of yourself and have a tight grip on your emotions. Learn from mistakes and move towards a brighter future. A great career is out there for you and also if you are recuperating from a heart break, know beforehand that there is really someone special present whose role is being slowly entwined in your destiny. There is surely a person for you who would be your best friend, partner, comrade in fight and for whom you would always have a special place and who would be there for you at every moment. Don’t worry or calculate what happened in the past or what would happen in the future. Live the present in the best manner possible. Life is not a bed of roses but it also is not entirely made of thrones. A quote I recently read stated- In life you discover perfect happiness is unrealizable, but there are few who see the antithesis: perfect unhappiness is equally unattainable.

One of the finest examples of a person who fought with life and surpassed all ordeals to enter sunshine is a great girl I know, Dr. Neha (Cutsie/Khushi), M.B.B.S and a specialist Heart surgeon. Earlier she was a simpleton, stupid and sober girl. A sweet soul who somewhat thought life as full of chocolates and love. But life turned its winds against her. A storm of destruction broke out surrounding her and immersing her into a cyclone of darkness and complications. She had heartbreak, got the worst possible marks in her exams, didn’t pass any of the medical entrance tests, parents were against her. Friends weren’t talking much to her, strangers were making inordinate passes on her, she was alone and falling more and more into the pit of hatred and loneliness. Everything around her haunted her. She even took to ending up her life but was somewhat able to rejuvenate herself and her complications. It is really hard for a girl to keep hold of her feelings but she fought at each and every step. Her tears turned into her strength.  She started studying hard, kept patience. There were times when she would have palpitations of anxiety surrounding around her but she never quit her dreams. It was also through push by a stranger guy named Aryan in her life that she thought of never giving up. You are never defeated until and unless you yourself feel like defeated. When I asked Aryan what he felt about her, his reply was- “When she looked back in life and whenever she talked, she would always see pain, mistakes and heart-ache but now when people look at her and even when I look at her, I see someone who has irreplaceable strength, learned lessons and has an abundance of pride in herself and her soul.”

Both these people did their best in their respective fields. She became a renowned Heart surgeon and he too caught up with his dreams and turned them into reality. The peak of success they reached just seems astounding but they really did it. These were the people in whose life there was always distance. Distance defines the connection of the hearts. When you are together with someone and meeting and talking with them, then it is easy for you to fall for them but when a situation arises where you would have to live far off then the connection breaks off. Distance might define the connection of the heart but it is this distance which can turn your hearts into a common center of mutual understanding, support, affection and respect for each other.

If it had not been for the right and wrong experiences, situations and happenings of life, then these two strangers might never have met and supported each other and also none of the great achievers in the world would have learnt the lessons of their life which decided upon the success that they achieved in the future. It is only going and experiencing through the worst that the mettle of a person can be determined.

Life is a lyceum of sorts that can be delusive and can make you quibble but it also depends upon your ability to acclimatize with the situations around that matters. Do not constrict yourself or be a malingerer of sorts but be adamant on your decisions and exchequer the worldly pains in a manner to cause a trepidation into the heart of those negative people around through achieving success and by keeping a positive attitude towards everything. Be the coxswain of your life’s boat and don’t let the comments or stinging words of people affect you.

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