Fight the monotony : Introduce changes in life!

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There always comes a point in our lives where we find the job we are doing pretty boring. Be it studying a particular field of course or having a 9-5 job, as we get used to a particular routine we start finding it monotonous.

Be it travel bloggers or fashion journalists or even food critics whose job is to explore new things all the time in their field do get bored by the same routine of their day and nature of their job. It’s  human tendency to feel this way after a point of time. We see our friends/peers older siblings complaining about how boring their life has become after all this while of going through the same routine and how much they wish they were doing something else. But hey? The job that you currently have in hand – Be it studying a particular field or the profession you are in is with you because you wanted it at some point of time!
You complain about your boss/ teacher being annoyed with you just because you aren’t able to perform well! You blame your job for it , but does that help you out?
We should understand that its human nature to feel used to a certain routine or work. Human mind always yearns to develop more by learning new things. Just the same activity every day makes it less active and makes the person feel lethargic too. It starts affecting our satisfaction out of life and in turn affects our happiness. Our performance gets affected, we do not like to give our 100 percent to the work like we used to do when the work started for the first time.
Our energy levels and enthusiasm for the work when it starts is way different than the level after a while, if there is no creativity/innovation or changes involved.
It starts becoming visible to our family and people around us that we are not satisfied or happy about the work that we do. Our boss /teachers /authority figures complain about the dip in our performance .
We feel drowned of all the energy and feel like giving up the job/course we worked so hard to get. But is it the way out?
If your office atmosphere or college is not providing you the creative atmosphere or change in job role that you are looking for, then you must sit and brood about it because it is not in your hand? The answer is NO .
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Take the example of a home maker mom.She wakes up takes care of the breakfast for her family, sends them to work and school, and resumes with the household daily chores which are the same each and every day. Taking care that the same house is clean enough everyday, the same utensils and same clothes which have to be washed and ironed are taken care of by the home maker mom for years and years since she got married to till she becomes old. Sometimes she does not leave doing the work even if she gets old.
Doing the same chores every day of ever year definitely becomes boring for them too, but does it effect their care towards us or do they ask to leave this job? No! because they know that this is the best thing they can do for us and they love it. They know it gets monotonous but they do not cease to introduce some changes in their routine to keep loving their work. Our mothers are the best examples for it as they enjoy the same routine by just introducing small little changes to make them happy in the work they do. Be it changing the setting of the furniture once in a while, or baking something once in ten days. Trying out new dishes to cook or simply taking a break to join a kitty club makes them feel refreshed about the job and with new energy they resume the chores again. It is simply because they do not have a choice as they know its the one job in the world they can not screw up. But our generation ,having numerous choices forgets to innovate in their current jobs and runs to try out new spheres. Which ultimately makes them jack of all and master of none.
One should understand that monotony sets in life at every point, but getting rid of it and enjoying the moment can be done by many steps. Simply changing your work station or introducing new elements like frames and colours makes you feel happier and brings in new energy. Keeping inspirational quotes on the table where you study or a new colour on the wall of your room makes the environment feel enjoyable. listening to music in between breaks or just new articles gives you a much needed break. Going out just to grab a quick bite after your job or college happens to prove as a great recreational activity. Simply taking up a new hobby to do in your past time like learning guitar or painting gives you more to look forward to apart from your job. Joining clubs/societies to enhance your personality or skills also offers to prove as a great stress buster and becomes the recluse from the job/ studies you call boring.
Stagnation in one’s life is faced at every and any point of time due to innumerable factors, it is upon us how to overcome getting bored of the responsibility given to us and start making life out of it. It is in our hands how we enjoy life or we don’t.

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