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However intelligent a human is, the proof to validate his intelligence is to conduct an exam according to certain standards. The world’s first ever examinations recorded were conducted by Ancient China. China has started conducting these exams in 605 A.D under the name “Imperial Examination”. These examinations were conducted to select suitable candidates for government official posts. Later this system was adopted by the British in 1806 to select specified candidates for the “Civil service”.

Let it be a theoretical approach or a practical approach, exams bring out the talent in oneself and helps them prove their position in the society. This is one of the reasons why exams are taken so seriously in our lives. Moving on the current day situations, the population is increasingly at an enormous pace day-by-day and so is the competition. It is important to mark our identity in the society in order to succeed. As a result of this, exams are being taken as milestones in life and our future is being built based on these results.

Though there are many participants, there are only few winners. This strategy of present day is making the students as well as their parents worry. Peer pressure and pressure from parents side is troubling the student and making him worry leading to stress. When a person is under stress, he performs less efficiently than what he can perform when he is completely relaxed. A bit of pressure is healthy in exams but stress is altogether a different level. Stress is caused by the action of continuous pressure on the brain. Stress makes the brain worn out, inefficient and dull.



We should not allow stress to be built in our brains. Instead we should work out such that stress doesn’t even dare to come near us.

Stress is mainly fear in our mind. Once you start thinking about your failure, you can never perform the same. Remove that feeling of failure from your mind. Just think about how well you are going to perform in the test and encourage yourself by saying that you will be giving your best today. Self-motivation is the key to keep yourself energized and relieve you from stress.


Never study for longer time at once. Most of the students do not accept with this fact saying that unless you study longer, you cannot score good marks. But if you keep studying for hours together, our brain may turn inactive and the entire session of reading may not be memorized. Just like every other part of our body, our brain too requires some rest. Get a break for every 1 to 11/2 hours depending on the complexity of the subject. Distract yourself from studies during that point of time and spend the time by doing things you love. For example, you can watch TV, listen to your favorite song, walk in your garden, paly with your siblings etc. All you need is a distraction from studies in intervals so that the brain remains fresh and gets ready for the next session of learning and understanding.



Get a good Sleep. Sleep is of utmost importance during exams. Many of the students neglect their sleep during the time of exams as they feel that they are wasting time by sleep. But believe it or not, without adequate sleep, you can never perform well in your tests and stress builds up once you don’t get proper sleep. Sleep provides rest to every part of the body and energizes it for the next day’s task. If you do not pay attention to this and neglect your sleep, your brain loses the capability of getting ready for the next day and it will be filled with irritation and discomfort as it was not given enough sleep. So, make sure that you get at least 7-8 hours of proper sleep.



Do not over study before the exams. A lot of students are seen studying just before few minutes of exams. This is not a healthy practice. You cannot remember much even if you study anything in the last few minutes before the exam. It is advised to stay calm and do nothing in the last few minutes before the exams. Relaxation is a form of revision of what all you have read previously. This is a better help than last minute study.

Do not compare your knowledge to others. This happens with most of the students. Before the exam, if someone comes to you with a question you don’t know the answer to, you start feeling inferior that you do not know many questions which all others have read. This will lead to immediate stress and will result in loss of self-confidence. Instead, think the other way round. There might be many questions for which you know the answers and your friends don’t. Thinking in the positive way will boost up your confidence and your performance will be much better.



Exams have turned out to be very important in today’s world. Let them be the general board exams like SSC, CBSE, ICSE etc. or the exams which help us achieve our dreams of higher studies like GRE, TOEFL, GATE, CAT etc. Exam is an exam and every exam demands our 100% performance. It is our task that we overcome stress and deliver well to obtain better outputs. Small habits can make huge differences. Similarly making small changes in your routine before your exams can lead to get better scores and help you fulfill your dreams. All the best!! exam-wishes

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