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Bored. Grey. Inspired. Unhappy. When you are lost for other verbs and adjectives than these and if you are sitting down with friends over cups of coffee and you find the conversations are almost always the same, it’s high time to sit back and review your routines in retrospect and figure out ways to straighten your convoluted life. We often think inspiration doesn’t really depend on our whims and that it will come and find us wherever we are. Even though the former is true the logic shouldn’t drive us towards the latter. Like everything else in life inspiration too doesn’t come easy and it certainly doesn’t pop out of nowhere.
If there are things which are messing up with your head than chances of these things disappearing without any effort are too less. And as ink needs an untouched canvas to deliver to the maximum expectations of the artist, inspiration too needs an uncluttered head for it to work its magic on you. Our languages have come up with fancy words to describe lack of inspiration. If a person who is a prolific writer isn’t able to write for a prolonged duration of time, instead of working on their own self, they are now able to leave things as they are, just let it be, and call the phase a writer’s block. This is not to question the existence of writer’s block per se. But to leave it be for a very long time can lead to disastrous results.
Taking things for granted, even non-existence of inspiration in life, for longer durations point to underlying problems. It might be due to a subconscious fear of failure. If you stop trying and leave things as they are just because things aren’t working how you want them to with minimum effort than the fear of failing might become a perpetual trauma at the back of your mind. That’s why all the writers and artists always give one vital piece of advice- Never stop trying.
Even if you are writing things which don’t make sense, write! Never stop, keep writing till you feel you have said whatever you have to say or till you reach a point where you finally realize what it is that you want to tell the world. Art too should never be given up on. Even if you are feeling low and completely drained, create what you are feeling. The best of things come into existence from pure emotions, even if it’s an emotion of angst or dreariness.

Explore new places and losing yourself to old too help in discovering new perspectives to look at things. Sometimes when you feel you are tired of yourself and the same thoughts that you have every day. Try working on your perspectives, it really helps! It gives you immense power in the sense that you can be anywhere and do anything in your head which is a privilege we often forget when we weigh ourselves down by the mundane side of life. Inspiration must indeed stem from our own heads; you should be able to drown yourself into you self-made muse.


Mixing different things together gives a sense of creation which is the natural state of any artist or writer. The feeling of creating something which is unique and original in every way is what inspiration lives on. Keep trying different mediums, if you are bored of haikus try writing short stories. If you are a prose person, write poetry instead. If you usually work with canvas, switch to paper. If you like paper switch to canvas. Paint on plywood, paint on walls, and paint on anything you can get your hands on. The idea is to always push you to do things. The minute you become comfortable with a state that will be the start of boredom, of grey days, of mood swings, and seasonal whims. Once you have perfected some craft it’s hard to derive the pleasure of creation which imperfection and spontaneity provide in bundles.
Many people try to escape their creative blocks by traveling to far off places, as if leaving your current place will lead to leaving the shackles of your inspiration behind. But it doesn’t really work like that, if you are uninspired due to the clutter in your head or the comfortable cove you have made around yourself than it doesn’t really matter even if you end up in a paradise; because you are carry your inhibitions and your chains with you wherever you go. So instead of investing time and energy in running away from the ghosts in your head, change the way you look at things. Go out to your neighborhood and imagine how you felt the first time you saw it. The visualization of the first time you do anything can be a huge push to what you do in immediate future and also how you look at things. Don’t remember how exactly things looked or how different they were, just focus on the feeling of new, of looking at the world for the first time.

In a nutshell as Taisen Deshimaru says,“Think with your whole body.”

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