The Finer Days in Life

Okay I’m sure we’re all used to bad days, I’ve had those in plenty. I almost always feel like luck’s working against me with all its force, but then today was different. Different in a spectacular, out of the world crazy good way. And such days are so rare that you’re almost taken aback by how great things can be. I and my friends went to check out some college fest and decided to participate in the ad mad. Now let me tell you, all three of them are very good at theatre so it wasn’t as unplanned; we wouldn’t have chosen to go for ad mad if they weren’t so good. Initially, the delay was nearly killing us because our stomachs were groaning for food, because we skipped lunch and then we were practically trapped in the auditorium. Finally after an hour’s delay and staring at the faces of the event hosts, the competition finally started! It comprised of two rounds, and all the teams had a common product, which believe me was the strangest one that must’ve ever been given for a competition of that sort.


We almost called it quits when we heard what the product was but then we thought there’s no harm giving it a shot either. And weirdly enough, we managed to qualify to the next round. There was happiness, but somewhere at the back of our heads, all we wanted was food. Right at the exit door of the auditorium we were called back by one of the volunteers asking us to stay back as the next round was about to begin. That was one hell of a moment of despair. I’ve never craved for food as much as I did today, considering I’m not even a foodie and I don’t have much of an appetite. But we didn’t have much of a choice. So the second round began much sooner than I expected, and it was the same product, just a more extended advertisement for the same. By now our brains had stopped functioning. It was the same boring product, a distance education programme, and now we had to come up with a whole new ad for the same. Now I’m not much of an actor, so I just basically did the serious part of it, but the rest of the team was good. But this time when we went on the stage, we were sort of clueless. We didn’t even realise when we began the skit and ended it, it happened almost instantly and very abruptly. When we got off the stage we didn’t exactly have our hopes up because as per our last performance’s standards, we were more or less a disaster. The good part was that finally around 5 o’ clock we managed to gulp something down our food pipes! It was a moment of relief. I came to the conclusion today that hungry is probably the most dangerous state to be in. It involves some other level of desperation altogether.


This time we went back to the auditorium only to realise that we had missed the prize distribution. We were about to walk out thinking we didn’t make it, and just then this woman appeared out of nowhere asking us to collect our prizes. For a moment we weren’t even sure if we got a position or we were just getting complementary prizes from the sponsors. But then we were handed over our certificates, and then came the big surprise, we had actually managed to bag the second position. It was so unexpected we barely knew how to respond. But then the best things are always the most unexpected ones aren’t they? Then the usual tight hugs and kisses and congratulations session followed. The hangover of the win took a while to come off but it did. But today became one of those fine memorable days that I shall always look back and smile at. We did not win a national award or something, obviously it wouldn’t seem like such a big deal, but victory always smells good doesn’t it?


And it’s not just about my day today or such other days I’ve had or what remarkable exactly even happened on all those days. Its not the event that you remember but how it made you feel. 20 years down the line when I sit at a coffee shop with the same bunch of friends, and today comes up, I highly doubt that we’d remember the series of events or the product we were given or any such details for that matter. But I know for a fact that we would clearly remember how happy we were today. Any little celebration is also worthwhile because celebrations are not meant to represent events or reasons or people but feelings, that’s what their agenda is, having a good time. Celebrations are just extravagant display of happiness, the more refined kind of happiness that you don’t experience that often in life. Its these good days that remind of you how there’s always more than the naked eye can see, some things can just be felt, and these intangibles make most of the finer things in life.


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