Love is one of the most beautiful feeling .Love is when you feel more attracted to each other .Love is an amazing emotion. Love for sure is not only having SEX ! But also sharing thoughts , feelings and emotions deeply . “Getting naked with someone is very easy but getting naked from heart “is the most difficult task .That is why love is so beautiful .


Everyone in the world wishes to be loved by someone whether it is a love of your parents, your life partner ,your friends or your pet ! … It is a dream of every girl to be loved by the love of her life. My story begins when i was fifteen like every teenager even i wanted to have a lover but i always thought that the age of fifteen was quiet early and to be true i never got attracted to any boy so much . Yes ! I was very beautiful and many guys had a crush on me but i never felt attracted towards them.I had many friends but not any special one. Life was moving as it was suppose too .I had the same boring schedule i.e going to school and then classes . I was messed up with studies .I saw my friends hanging out with their boyfriends and sometimes i even felt jealous .



Time was moving fast so was my AGE ! I was turning sixteen . I got many birthday wishes and cards that day but suddenly i got a ping from my old school friend saying “Happy Birthday” .His name was Ayaan . I was very happy and moreover i was surprised seeing his text . We interacted for a couple of minutes. I was very happy seeing his message .


Because i was turning sweet sixteen i found it a job to invite him for my birthday party .I was already excited because i was getting sixteen and moreover i was meeting my old friend after such a long time . I was glad when he came to the party i hugged him tight and said “Thank you for coming here ” he replied ” How can i miss your birthday party ? Its always a pleasure to meet you “. We had great fun that day . I was very happy . Ayaan and me kept on chatting and talking on phone but we never planned to meet . Time was moving fast . Life was moving the same it was ! Slowly i felt that i am getting attracted towards Ayaan because spending time with him was fun . He always made me happy



One day he called me up asking me to join a dance class. As he was a childhood friend he knew that dancing is one of my hobby. Even i was excited to join the class but due to the my studies i wasnt able to. I was shocked when Ayaan took an effort to speak to my mom to convince me for the class . I was very happy with his efforts and excited too for the class .The dance class finally started i was very happy meeting him , we started hanging out together . He started flirting so did I . Even in the dance class he was my partner when we learnt salsa .Day by day i was getting more attracted to him and so was he . We started devoting more and more time towards each other . We started hanging out more to know eachother . He became my bestfriend slowly . We started sharing our secrets to each other. One day suddenly he said he had a crush on me when we were in fifth grade . I started laughing and thought he was kidding .


He usually flirted with me so i found it very normal. One day in the night time he said that i think I AM FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU and i replied I FEEL THE SAME .He said let us go in a relationship ? Asusual i thought he’s kidding and i replied yes so do i wish . That day we said good night to eachother and slept. The entire night i was smiling thinking what happend few minutes back I thought may be he was just kidding and i tried to forget it but somewhere or the other i had created some feelings for him . The very next day when i returned home from school he texted that he wasnt kidding and he thinks we should give it a chance ,even i thought i should not go away from him .So we decided to go in a relationship .We met the next day and he proposed me bending on his knees . Everygirl loves a romeo type boyfriend and so did I . I accepted the proposal . Everything happened really sudden but gave me a lovely feeling .


Today we have completed seven years of our relationship and we are planing to marry the next year . Everyday I think HOW DID WE MEET ? Just by a ping on my cellphone ! After this incident I truly believe somethings are just written in life … The first year of relationship I never knew that this try of our relationship will end up having a marriage. Everything is written in our destiny , every person we meet in our life has some or the other reason

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