My First Love Letter

Dear You,

I never imagined that I would be writing a letter to you in my life. I am surprised at the courage I possess. Today I would like to express my feelings towards which I have been treasuring in my heart since many years. It is a very long time since I started liking you. Back then, I knew that you were handsome, perfect in every segment of your life, starting from studies to sports, talents to achievements etc. and here I am, a typical backbencher with absolutely no interest in anything. But the day I first saw you, I fell for you and wanted to be in your good looks.

Love Letter

This is where my journey exactly starts and this stands as a turning point of my life. Love happened to me and I was crazy about you. People always think that love is a waste of time and people just do not care about anything when they are in love. But, this is not true. Love is just like water, it takes the shape of container in which it is stored. Similarly, love changes with the changing perspective of the people. If you take it as a good thing, it is good and vice versa. Falling in love with you made me realize the greatness of love. As I wanted to be recognized by you; the most popular guy of the college, the Mr. Perfect, I started changing myself.

While I used to be a backbencher in my life disinterested in studies, seeing that you are the topper in studies, I wanted to study hard. I tried and tried until I could achieve success. Then was the first time you talked to me telling “Congratulations” when I secured the first place in our class which generally was your position. At that time, I realized that not only you were a handsome guy, but you were good at heart. You weren’t jealous of me for taking away your position being a backbencher. Instead you whole heartedly appreciated me. Your one word gave me a lot of hope and determination to work in a similar manner.

time for change

I used to speak very harshly to people, my friends or not, I was very rude and that made people dislike me. One day, I heard you explaining your friend how important it is to speak softly and pleasantly so as to maintain relationships successfully. It made me think and I started reviewing my own nature. As I was the only daughter of my parents, they pampered me very much to an extent that whatever I do seems right for them. But I understood how a person’s nature will define him in front of his friends, teachers and elders. I felt ashamed of myself for behaving such way all these days. I apologized to everyone the very next day and I promised them that I would try hard to change myself as quickly as possible. All thanks to you, now I have many friends who, I am sure, will stay with me all my life.

sketchy doodle hearts

Studies are very important in one’s life and so are extra-curricular activities. I have to accept that I had no co-ordination between my brain and my body and I was very clumsy. I could not walk properly without falling down at least once in a day, let alone play some game and excel in it. Again my role model was you, I started taking classes for basketball and after a lot of effort and practice, I got selected into the national team and we won. That was the happiest moment of my life and I understood what it is to be successful and popular at the same time. Thank you for being my inspiration.


After this event, my life changed entirely, I had guys falling behind me in hope that I would talk to them and date them. But I could not see any one of them. I had my eyes only for you. The moment you came to me and appreciated me on my game and asked me for a friendly coffee, I was honored. I was on cloud 9 and I felt I would faint with shock and happiness. Anyways, I embraced myself and came out for a coffee with you. Those 15 minutes of my life, I can neither measure my happiness through that time nor can I forget each and every word you spoke to me in that time. You were a genius and you knew about everything. Starting from movies to general knowledge, politics to cooking, there was not even one topic you were not aware. I was surprised thinking if there will be at least one person who is like you.


The final year has come; everyone is happy thinking about their future and their various career choices. But I felt sad that, taking my courage into account I would never be able to express my love to you and if that happens, I would not be able to see you after the college. Then came our fest, considering the popularity of students, we were appointed the coordinators for the fest. I felt delighted and honored for being offered such a position. I never experienced something like this before. When I think of my past, I was just a lazy backbencher who had no friends due to her rude nature and was not good at anything. It was only you who made me change myself. You were the one who made me the best. Love brings out the best out of anyone. I owe my success to you. Knowingly or unknowingly, you influenced me a lot and I am very happy for that.

i love you

I now gather all my courage to tell you how I feel. “I LOVE YOU”. I don’t force you to love me. I am not the type who takes a NO serious to heart and spoil my life. But a YES from you will make my life better and a happier. The world looks happier when I think of you and I want to share my life with you. You make me complete. I hope you feel the same. Waiting for your reply…..




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