The First Teacher Ever – My Parents

God gives us the most precious gems in disguise of parents. From childhood itself your parents act as your mentor and guide. Obviously the very first teachers of our lives are our parents. When you’re just a toddler and can hardly crawl, your parents are the ones to teach you the basic things of life. Leaving aside the professional teachers, parents are more involved in the development and education of children. You take the very first step of life holding their hands. Had they not been there for you, life would not be as easy as it seems.


Parents being elder to you and much more experienced, always guide you towards the right path. They have been through your age and know the hardships that come your way so they are always ready with the right advice. If you come to thinking upon it, do u remember when you were just a child and your parents would teach you things like table manners, good habits and all of such stuff? The fact behind this is that the kind of surroundings that you live in and the type of upbringing that you go through reflects in your personality too. You imbibe all of the good stuff taught to you and this makes you a good human being.


It won’t be fair to say that parents help us only when we’re a kid. Even once you grow up parents remain the best teacher for you. You’re in your teens but still there comes a phase when your parents will prove to be the best teacher for you. The tremendous love and respect you have for your parents makes you trust them blindly. This trust builds a strong relationship with your parents. Both emotionally and physically they stand astride when it comes to your development. Dealing with children is surely not an easy task. Trust me you’ll know it when it comes to you. Explaining or teaching things to your children will drain the strength out of you. Having to deal with their tantrums, change of behavior, growing up, all of this is a whole lot difficult than it seems. But still pushing across all the obstacles that come their way parents are effective teachers. They mould you in a positive manner and make you a pure soul. Remember the times when you could hardly walk, brush your teeth, dress yourself up, and have your meals. Well your parents at this time were always there for you, teaching you each and every minute thing.

According to me a child without parents may be lost and may go astray. No one can teach the child like a parent. Depending upon the strong relationship between parents and children understanding between the two becomes all the more important. Understanding becomes imperative when the child grows up especially when it comes to the teenager years. In this phase of life teenagers do not like any kind of interference in their lives. They may get under the bad influence of their friends. Their decisions may get affected by their company of friends. It may also lead into them getting engrossed in bad habits. Adolescence is such a period which makes the children automatically reject any advice offered to them. At this point parents have to buck up and help their kids by making careful strategies and making them move into a whole new age safely. No one else can substitute a parent for this task. The closer the parents and children are the better it is for educating the children.

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You might say that your school teachers too have done or do a hard work when it comes to kids. But I would say that teachers mould your behavior but when it comes to understanding  your problems and shaping you up to be a good human being, only parents can take up this task. Till date parents have and will continue to prove to be the best teachers for a child. A child spends the whole day with the parents therefore it ends up in them inculcating all that they do from their parents. Many a times the parents don’t even realize that their kids notice all their habits start imitating them. Therefore there should always be a positive atmosphere at your place. It is a noticeable fact that many of our habits match up with our parents. Heredity is the word appropriate for this. They see and hear all but they may take in only a part of it. Implicit learning occurs when children unconsciously imitate their parent’s behavior and styles.

Well to sum up the whole thing I would say that parents are the most committed and involved in teaching their child. Owing to the admirable love they have for you, they are ready to sacrifice a part of themselves to make you good. Having no ill feelings for you and wishing you success, they will always teach you good things. They have great expectations from you while passing down their knowledge. So never hurt their sentiments and don’t let them down. give them a positive result of their hard work on you.


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