For the First Time

Going back in time and dwelling on the past is one thing that all of us should avoid at any cost. No one should go back, but everyone must move forward. Think of each day as the first day of your life. With each sunrise and each sunset, discover something that gives you joy and warmth, something that makes you enjoy life and makes you comfortable in your own skin. You will be glad to discover that the whole universe is by your side, silently sharing the glorious and the most beautiful feeling of love. You will find your friends, your loved ones and your family members all beside you in this cycle of love.

Join the universe in its greatest mysteries and take a ride across the world. There are a lot of things in life which we feel like doing but never get a chance to explore, at times the opportunity slips past us. However, the fun of doing everything for the first time is unparalleled and incredible to a great extent.

Join the first train that comes your way, without asking where it is heading. You are bound to find beautiful and interesting silhouettes and places on the way. This exciting journey will silently share with you some of the most cherish able moments of your life. You might just leave it as soon as something more interesting catches your eye.

Take your first walk down the road and you will experience the magnanimity and the ironical nature of mother Earth. She is kind and cruel at the same time. You might pass a beggar asking you for money or a poor lady tending to her children. You might pass an innocent kind or a drunkard in a deteriorating condition. Life has its ironies, you must learn to adjust and adapt to them. These different kinds of people are communicating with you in their own different ways.

for the first time

Look at everything and everyone as if for the first time, especially the small things that you have grown used to, quite forgetting the magic surrounding them. You might pass someone trying to destroy a bridge. But this time, you might not try to stop him. You might just realize that he is doing it for a reason. Maybe he has no one waiting for him on the other side. You might consider it as his way of fending off his own loneliness. You cannot see each and everything on this planet but you can surely feel the emotions and sentiments of people around you.

Carry all the memories with you in thoughts, words, deeds and actions. Even if you have never witnessed something before, do it now because you might never be able to do so again. Have the courage to live your life your way and enjoy to the fullest. Enter similar places by a different route and discover the unfamiliarity that surrounds them. Discover something new for the first time. Smile at the inhabitants of the world and exchange pleasant messages. Keep smiling because it pleases you. Your smile will never let anybody corrupt your soul even if the world leads to the deterioration of your body and health.

For the first time, have the patience to filter people and things in your life. Put everything in order. A little of your history resides in the people and things connected to you. All the different things in your life, all the roads traveled, the buses taken, the entrances and exits of your life. All the letters, notes, papers and receipts will have strange stories to tell about your past and your future. For the first time revisit those memories and filter out what is unnecessary.

For the first time, notice how the world was made. Notice the things that you are accustomed to and which often go unnoticed. The shirt that you are wearing is woven by some creative hands with the help of cotton. The plant where the fibre was growing is a part of the history of your shirt. Your shoes are a part of the history of the journey of your life since they reflect the marks and patches where you stumbled and got up again. They are an extension of your feet and your life. They are the marks of your past and will help you head in the right direction in the future.

For the first time, try something unusual that you have never tried before. Everything that your eyes see, your hands touch and your mouth tastes must be different in this world of sameness. Let the taste and the view be different. All these things have been with you for such a long time, but you never had the courage to accept and embrace them. For the first time, they will reveal to you the miracle of living life in an unusual and different manner.

Drink some tea that you have never tried before just because others told you it tastes horrible. Walk down the street you have never walked down before because others told you it was totally without interest. Look at the sun properly for the first time. For the first time, notice the direction in which the clouds are going. For the first time, experience the sky that exists above your head. For the first time, do not complain about life.

For the first time, live your life!

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