The first time I saw Him

“Summers”i love this season.Summer is the season falling between springs and autmns.The “warmest”season.I was a fourteen year young,cute and talented girl. It was from childhood when i always waited for “Summers”.Not just because of the summer vaccations but also the dance class i joined every year. This dance class was just for a month .But always gave me the energy to dance happily the entire year .As a child i was eagerly waiting for this dance class to start as dancing is one of my favourite hobby. I loved  Dancing from the very beginning and every year during  my excitement level  rises higher and higher .This dancing  made me lose weight too.

Finally it was april ,the first day of dance class .From the last two days i was preparing myself for this day.Preparation  of getting new track pants , new sports shoes and new water bottle.The level of my excitement was too high.I was about to move for the class but was waiting for my bestfriend Ncky . She was very late till that time I was drinking protein shake which usually gained my energy so that i could dance with energy suddenly the bottle of the shake slipped on  my pants and I had to change it .I was already late to .I went  to the room and changed the pants as early  as possible. The door bell rang and I realised that NCKY has already arrived.

.As soon as i met her we rushed for the class.I was 10 mins late .As i opened the door the sir asked “yes ? ” and i answered “i am really sorry sir due toh traffic i got a little late.”The sir asked me to enter the class  but then  also warned me saying that just because it was the first day thats why he entertained my late entry. As we were late everyone in the class was staring at us , me and Ncky  were feeling really embarrassing . We met few other friends too  And all of sudden I noticed one lovely smile.


He was an unknown person or a stranger  probably that time he  was gazing and then smiled and said “you can stand here i will shift aside ” .I replied thank you. I was wondering who that guy was  , as the dance class started he was still staring at me through the mirror which was opposite and i returned him a smile with a blush. During the break when i was speaking to the sir , he turned up and asked my name politely i answered  CANDY and i asked your ? He replied YOUR ADMIRER and then just started dancing again I was quiet surprised . The dance class ended and we went home I tried talking to him but he seemed busy .Even  after reaching home i was blushing thinking about him . My bestiee ncky even said that i am in LOVE but i was confused whether it was a love at first sight or something just like a crush or attraction Or may be he just wanted to flirt with me.


Somethings in life are just sudden specially when it comes to love we never realise whom we meet ,where , how and specially why ?Love is a very beautiful  feeling may be i experienced some attraction towards him but that feeling was amazing  .Love makes us feel alive.Love is when a person feels attracted towards the other deeply without any reason just care for him more than he does for others. I was actually waiting to meet him the next day but he was absent.I don’t know  why me did we meet ? But I wish to meet him again !


That day was a different day .the first time I realised about getting attracted to some one .I still don’t know his name but all I knew was may be I was falling for him . His charm ,his elegance attracted me so much towards him that I was thinking about Him all time he became my first crush .It is every girls dream to have a lover may be I had created such type of feelings for him . I was also thinking if he was thinking the same or he was getting the same feeling for me like I was .I met him for the first time but whenever I think about him I feel i knew him from years !His two sentences where echoing in my voice repeatedly .He didn’t  attend the class for about three days and the entire three nights i kept on blushing thinking  if the first meet was so good how the second meet would be! Will we speak more ?will we exchange our number ?will I get to know his name? What happens if he is already dating a girl ? throw are his friends going to be ? where does he actually stays? These were few questions emerging in my mind those three days .Finally I asked  myself to relax and sleep atop and stop thinking about him .May be I was the one feeling more attracted to him .But I really hope to meet him again and I wish our next meeting becomes more lovely and wonderful than this one …


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