The five kinds of people we all must meet

Now I don’t mean to completely generalise how people are on the basis of a few characteristics, because we’re all so much more than just that. But when I talk about these people that you must all meet in your life, I mean to emphasize characteristics we must try to incorporate in ourselves too because they add so much to someone’s lives. We should actually know all kinds of people really, not just a few kinds. Every person you meet teaches you something. You either want to take something from them, or you figure out exactly what you’d never like to be like. But yes, everyone’s got their set of pluses and flaws and we should inevitably try to pick up the good from everyone. Despite of saying all of this, by my personal experience, I suggest you essentially have one of each kind of people I’ll be mentioning for a very simple reason. They will teach you some of the most important lessons of life without even noticing what they’re doing. That’s the beauty of it.

The wanderers

These are the people who travel to every remote place there is and that’s accessible to them. They will plan random trips to even more random places and just find something fun to do even in the most dead and dull areas. The most interesting thing about these people is that they feed on experience. These are the people who’ll stare out of the windows during bus journeys to see the vegetation of a particular place. They’ll help you see more in everything. They’ll notice the different colour and taste of water, the fabric of the clothes people wear in that place; like every tiny detail. And they will make it sound so fascinating even if it was actually nothing. Listening to their experiences is enriching enough. They’ll teach you how wonderful adventure can be.


The photographers

We all love anyone who’s holding a DSLR for the simple reason that they’ll get us nice profile pictures and all. But the thing about photographers is that they are capable of making everything look beautiful. Not because of the quality of cameras they have, of course that helps though. But they see more than what everyone else sees. They will make you feel like a living masterpiece. They’ll find the miracles in tragedy and the unusualness in the ordinary. These are the kind of people who’ll not only help you look beyond the obvious but make you feel extremely good about yourself too because That’s what they do for a living, find the beauty in things.


The happy go lucky people

Sometimes talkative people are really annoying, I know. I’m one of them and I know how much it can put people off when someone really loud and eccentric keeps talking endlessly while they just want some peace. But you MUST have one of these super hyper and talkative people. Not because they’ll make you a better person or for any philosophical reason at all. They’ll just make you really happy. Their laughter is infectious and at one point or the other you’ll be charmed by them. You’ll begin to wonder how they do it, like remain so happy all the time. These people will make you talk most importantly. They’ll help you speak up, because these people are capable of indulging you into conversations. As much as you may feel they’re not going to let you speak at all, these people make the best of listeners too.

Group of happy naked women drinking beer

The readers

These are the most interesting people you’ll meet. Now I’ll tell you why. You find them extremely bookish initially and very boring to talk to because you’d feel like they’re just going to live eat and breathe books and talk about fictitious characters all the time. But you’ll be surprised to see how far these people can go with their imaginations. They can make the world sound like one of those picture perfect places from one of the books they’ve read and they’ll narrate you their tale. They’ll sit up in the night and imagine the impossible and for once you’ll think they’re crazy and so unrealistic. But you’ll soon start to envy them for how they can live two lives at the same time without any barrier or hesitation. They give you that mysterious vibe and they’ll make you wonder all the time. These people will keep you sane.


The writers

I hope to god I get married to one. You know how they say “If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.” It’s true. A writer can make you immortal. He can make you feel things on another level and help you understand better. Now I don’t expect you to literally go and find a writer but there are people around who write remarkably well. Those people you send you a 2 page birthday text at midnight on your birthday and make you cry out of sheer joy? Those are the ones I’m talking about here. They’ll make you experience that larger than life kind of goodness in things. They will always have the perfect words for the moment, and you’ll just stare at them dumbfounded in pure admiration of how they just took words right out of your mouth and put them out there. They will make you believe in things wilfully.  They’re a living proof of magic and you’ll never fall short of things to learn from them.


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