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We all must have heard about ”channelizing our energy towards productive actvities”? Be it from your teachers/ parents/ significant others, whenever they have seen us dwelling onto our past which houses memories that cause anguish in us, or just procrastinating in our day to day routine and wasting time, they have always advised us to channel our energy towards doing something productive.

Productive activities are those activities which helps us,or give such power to us to generate something new, something creative and something which helps our personality or life in some way.
The most successful people in this world, are the ones who believed in doing more and thinking less,and doing things which help them move ahead in life.
Be it the most successful industrialists or entrepreneurs,greatest artists/actors or social workers, all the renowned personalities who have made a mark in this world due to their work and achievements ,are the ones who channelized their energies towards productive activities, which brought them fame, appreciation ,emotional and material satisfaction. It’s the people who taste success who do not procrastinate or waste time on things which do not benefit them. They spend most of the time doing the work they intend to do, and free time in research or learning something different,which becomes recreation for them.
Most of the people, who have had a difficult past or incidences in their life because of which they had to face trouble or depression, keep on dwelling on those moments and troublesome experience.They find it difficult to move on and do something about their life,just because their energies are always diverted towards indulging in the memories of past experiences and losing belief in themselves. Self loathing and loss of confidence is what people experience after some troublesome incident in their life, but getting out of one for the betterment of life is only dependent on using their mental and physical energies into something that changes their outlook towards life and makes their life better.
Sometimes,call it laziness or lack of motivation, people who are not able to achieve what they want in life are the ones who don’t stand up and take a step towards betterment of their life.
They don’t divert their thoughts into something fruitful. They lose their personality due to over thinking and doing activities which helps them in no way. Some people indulge themselves into smoking or drinking or sometimes even drugs. Some, also find themselves in the company of people which help them get into activities totally not beneficial for them or their life ,just to get over the problems in their life. if not, then passing time with friends and  pushing the work and issues away makes them enjoy the moment, thinking that the important things would be taken care of later in the day, or some other time but it never happens. The guilt that piles up at the back of our mind about not attending the work that we are supposed to do ,makes the person even more lethargic.
Not facing the problem is one thing, and ignorance is one and what makes it worse is activities done out of ignorance just in the hope that life will turn out well when it wants to be. Not acting now, and taking up decisions ,hobbies and activities which will make your life better  just makes one create more and more problems in life.
If you feel under confident, enroll your self in some classes, talk to yourself in the mirror, do something to boost your confidence.
If someone dumped you, go figure why it happened ,bring some changes in your personality and work on your new self that you don’t have to face it again in life
You lost your job? Start applying into other companies, or take up what you always wanted to do before you got the job that you have?
Every moment, every day and every hour should be dedicated in making our life better and more productive ,rather than just sulking about it.
Go enroll yourself  in those pottery classes you always wanted to go to,or join the gym which you had been planning since ages. Rather than sitting and thinking about your past, or less than successful life.
If you are a student, and there is a pile of syllabus that you need to catch up with, why not finish it now than wasting your precious time on social networking websites?
If you are a homemaker and you feel you couldn’t pursue your dreams ,why not start at home learning the things you always wanted to learn?
If you are a professional and you feel you don’t take time out for your family, why not chart out a plan involving your family for the coming weekend, using the ten minute break that you are currently having  just to catch up with the office gossip?
If you feel you are not satisfied with what you have, why not do something about it?
Get up, and do something constructive for your life. Construct a path for yourself which you’d like to follow in order to gain success. Chart out your day to day schedule and follow it ,and see how content you become as you watch the guilt at the back of your mind vanish away. Do something that gives you a fruitful product out of your life and gives it a meaning.
Remember, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Make your mind work in a way,that makes  your life and where you live a better place. Do something which is productive with your life and self ,not destructive.
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