Follow your Dreams and Forget what people say

follow dreams

Imagine how it would if we could do what we want, and be anything we want. Now while you imagine this ask what’s stopping you. A major thread which runs through most people’s answer’s to what’s stopping them from doing what they want is the fact that they are concerned about what people will say about them, think about them and things that will be said to them. Anything which isn’t present in our mainstream profit oriented world today doesn’t go down well with people. And we have to remember that this maximizing profit oriented world that we have created is centered on many a things, some which include hierarchy and authorization of socioeconomic discrepancies. The things that people think are often shaped by these prejudices and biases

When we say people, most readers might think it’s the people in general and people as in strange faces and random names but if when we ask ourselves whose opinions are we most affected by we find it’s not always these strange and random names but rather those who are very close to us- our families and friends. We seek social legitimacy for our actions from the close knit group of people that we have around us, and anything that we think will not go down will them we try and avoid for the longest possible time.

follow your dreams

But how long can you keep your aspirations dead? They have to be alive and flutter there wings to fly someday, you can’t always restrict themselves to the whims of the people you live with. And at what costs do you suppress these desires and wishes? It’s clearly not benefiting you and is clearly not getting you anywhere. So It’s high time that you break out of this shell you have put yourself in.

Most people are never able to come out and do what they want because they aren’t confident enough. They lack trust in their own ideas and question the probability of whatever it is that they want to do in life. But instead of wasting so much energy on things and contemplating as to what’s wrong with your plans why not focus on what’s right and wonderful about it. Make a checklist of things that your dreams will mean for you and then go out and do it.

It’s hard to stop caring about what your closest friends will say about you, but what’s even more hard is to change the way the society shapes what people you care about think. Sometimes what we want to do in life comes in direct conflict what’s expected out of us and these can be the most trivial of things like the freedom to choose the school you want to go to or the major decisions of your life like choosing the career for yourself. It’s never easy to fight it out when the world seems against you, but it’s at times like these that you should be resilient and try rising above the tide. The best thing as they say is to listen to whatever everyone has to say about it and go ahead to do what you want!

However, what’s to be remembered is that when you defy those who you care about or even challenge the established you have to remember to take responsibility of your own actions. You just can’t defy the fact that the weight of these decisions will ultimately rest with you for better or for us. The blame game which follows some of the failures shouldn’t be something you engage yourself in. If you are doing what you want you should also acknowledge the consequences of going for it. This shows maturity and a respect for the beliefs of those who don’t agree with you.

When we let our lives be dictated completely by the wishes and expectations of others we might often find ourselves trying too hard to fir ourselves into the structure which isn’t our size! The worst case scenario of following your dreams should only be failure and not what people will say or think about your failure. If you focus on the superficial aspects of the work you do, you will never be able to achieve it.

As much as it is important to follow your dreams and not pay head to things that bring you down, it’s also important to know the difference between rationale of doing what you want and the anarchist state where you do things as a kind of rebellion and opposition to the authority. Following your dreams and rebelling are two very different things. The recognition of the role that age plays should also be central to your thoughts about your own life. You cannot be accepting the world to bow down and listen to you with all its sincerity when you are thirteen or even nineteen.  The only way to make people listen to you and your dreams is action and a concrete proof that you are capable of making reasonably sound decisions about your life only then will others be remotely interested in understanding your point of view.

keep calm and live your dreams

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