Following others through life? Time to follow your happiness!

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In our lives, since the day we are born, we follow our parents and learn their gestures, the language they speak. We learn to tell them when we are hungry or we need to relieve ourselves. We grow up and learn by our friends and surroundings how to dress how to speak ,what to speak, social manners and learn to take care of our selves regarding how it goes in the society.

In school following the teacher’s orders, the rules . We learn to follow the time lines we learn to follow our parent’s orders. We grow up and follow the crowd, choose the streams be it pursuing medicines,engineering or MBA we follow what the world follows. Even after getting married we follow the other half or our in laws and the examples they have set for us.
Ever thought about when did we actually do something where we followed what we wanted to do?
Did we ever stop for a while to think and stand up for our own choices? Ever thought what we want to do in our lives and how we want to shape it?
Most of the people in this world are the ones who follow the herd mentality as they say, pursuing what the society is pursuing. Be it a student taking up the stream of sciences in school and failing it in every possible subject, he is pressurised to pursue it by the society as it becomes a mark of intelligence and every family wants their offspring to be recognized as intelligent and a bright student, even if the child is barely managing to pass in the examination and is finding it hard to keep up with the course the parents enjoy the feeling of telling their peers that their child is pursuing sciences. Choosing the career that parents or the society pressurised us to take up, to marrying at an age defines suitable by others. We just follow and follow and try to find our happiness in the things they define are right for us . But do we ever realize that by this we keep our choices aside and loose the chance of doing what would keep us happy an satisfied in life?
Even after reaching the age of 40′s and 50′s our parents or the people we know do regret something or the other that they didn’t do just because of societal pressure or what their parents said and now that the time is gone, they keep regretting and wish the time could go back.
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Even as teenagers we follow what our peers do. If they buy a particular phone we start considering the phone as the best and pester our parents to buy us the same. If they watch a particular movie we want to watch it too. If they wear something we want to wear the same things too or buy from the same store. We fight with our parents and guardians regarding the same, just because we don’t like the thing, but because we have to ‘follow’ the trend we do it for the sake of it.
We even follow religion our family follows or the beliefs. Ever imagined how life would be like when you did something which you felt would give you happiness, would actually feel right to you? Why follow the crowd when you can define a path for your own self and be actually happy? Why follow the herd mentality and try and adjust to become happy when you can pursue your dreams,and work so hard that you actually taste the happiness and the satisfaction!
Ever thought of breaking away from the set pattern of the world, which does harm and no good and actually feel good?
What about the phone you were asking your parents to buy for you? Your friends bought it, and so you want it to. But did you think about it once that do you even have the need of it?
Flaunting it for the sake of a status symbol just because our peers get it, provides happiness till some point but its not long term.
Getting into medical school for the sake of status in the  society might prove good, but backfires most of the time as its not what you love and if you don’t love something you do, it makes it difficult to give your 100% to it and to be successful in it.
Ever tried believing in something which you think defines you and your personality? If being a girl, the society wants you to not cut your hair short just because it doesn’t look feminine you follow what they say, but what about that liberating feeling  you get when you know what you want and you do it as per your ideas and liking?
Going against your family and society to do something wrong , or something which may backfire is always wrong and we should respect the concern of the people around to make us lead a safe and meaning full life. But to follow blindly what the herd is doing does not make you any happier or wiser as a person.
What about the crackers the world burns in festivals like Diwali in India. Noise and air pollution is increased all over the country, the animals get frightened and old aged people and patients find it disturbing but still burning of the crackers as a ritual is blindly followed. Ever thought about stopping and thinking that what happiness does it bring to you? Maybe not polluting the environment at your behalf brings you more happiness?
What if rather than doing engineering, you pursued arts like you always wanted to take up, and did exceptionally well compared to how successful you are after pursuing engineering?
What if you pursued your happiness? Wouldn’t life become amazing? We follow everyone in this world, let’s be an inspiration for someone to follow their happiness? Stop and think, if you are living your life or just following others through life.

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