To Be or Not To Be a Foodie


Conscious of putting on weight every time you take a bite of your favou rite Subway burger? Well, the dilemma does not plague you exclusively but millions of other people too across the world. The war between delicious junk food and good health has been raging since time immemorial. Is it at all possible to unanimously choose one at the cost of the other?

Imagine yourself walking down the market place and tons of fast food centres trying to lure you at every corner. There are hot yummy jalebis on one side and dripping cheese pizzas on the other.  Choco lava cake displayed on meticulously arranged trays and pure ghee laddoos vying for your attention. You suddenly find yourself in the midst of an invincible dilemma. The weighing machine gives you nightmares but you can’t avoid the temptation. The simplest solution you will be offered is of joining a gymnasium and following a strict diet, barring McDonald dinner once in a while. Now what if you are a hardcore foodie and a lazy person at the same time? There arises the problem that can hardly be encountered by proper solutions. Hence,I, being a foodie myself and yet trying to find an answer to this question, would perhaps try to put up an argument and come up with a middle route.

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If gyming is not your cup of tea and bores you to mention the least, then you should join an aerobics class, where you can do your exercise while enjoying the latest hit track on the block. Try and avoid oily food for atleast 3 days a week, if not everyday. The day you realize you have taken in that extra bit of calorie, do some free hand exercises at home itself. Walk for an extra mile or two and do your bit of the balancing act. The trick to be followed is of countering a day of mutton biryani with a consecutive day of cornflakes and chapattis. Health is not only about developing huge muscles and 6-pack abs or about maintaing hour glass figures. A good and balanced diet is the key to remain away from all sorts of diseases as well. The above mentioned tips are for all those who really care about that extra bit of flab on their body and can do things to get rid of them without compromising much.

Now it is time to talk to and talk about all those who would go to any lengths to be thin and also to those who would like to stay the way they are without being too fussy about their fluctuating or in certain cases a static being plumpy syndrome. Being a little on the healthier side is no crime. Most of us are not even getting paid to maintain a wafer thin body. Models, heroes and heroines are just matinee idols. They earn a lot of money and spend a lot to maintain a dietician, a gym instructor, a cosmetologist and what not. If you follow them blindly and want to be the next Salma Hayek or Hugh Jackman, then you are deeply mistaken. Starving throughout the day and having a sans-food existence is the most pathetic thing you can subject yourself to. So, be the way you are. Do your bit of free hand exercises, eat in moderate amounts( so that you don’t fall sick) and breathe in the fresh air. The wafer-thin girl or the abs-flaunting boy in college is not your competition. If you really want a hulk-like body then that boy can always be your inspiration to hit the gym. If not, just don’t bother and move on.


Coming to all the young girls out there, I am sure none of you would like to lose the natural glow of your face and turn into a dry stick for the sake of being thin. Some people are just genetically structured in a way that they are almost weightless and for you being anorexic is not cool. You may think that a person with a petite figure can eat whatever they want to and yet remain slim. Well! That is surely an advantage but trust me you can’t do much about it. Maybe certain clothes will inevitably look better on someone with a fuller figure than on someone who is extremely thin. All sorts of body type have their share of bouquets and brickbats. I have personally heard of someone who vomits her lunches and dinners out just because she detests putting on weight. It is important to mention that she is in her early teens and with people like her, the symptoms of illness would start showing up at a later age. Don’t compromise with your health either by starving or by eating in excess.

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Being a foodie is a great idea. In fact, I believe that if you do not spend a sumptuous part of your earnings on nurturing your taste buds, then it is certainly an opportunity lost and a life less worth living for ( This may be a stretch of imagination and exaggeration for some but a reality for many like me). Nothing can make you happier than a good meal. Eat in moderation. You can even eat a taandori chicken after a delicious lasagna. Like I said before, it is no crime but don’t follow the regime everyday because stomach upsets are definitely not a pleasant thing, eh? If you love to eat then just go ahead and gorge on those delicacies. Sacrificing yummy food for a 3-minute appearance in a body-hugging dress at a nearby party is definitely not a good deal.


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