A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed


Friendship is a jewel which is bound together with love and trust. It`s a very sweet relation which we choose to abide with, There is a tinge of sweetness and sourness in it .It has everything from the love of a sister to the care of a mother, strictness of a father to the playfulness of a brother a friend is truly the one with all the qualities of a sister, mother, father and brother .It is a relation which is not forced on us, there is no compulsion and no restriction and this is what makes it so beautiful. It`s the most adorable relation, a true friend is the one who guides you when you go wrong, who will stand by your side in every situation, they never ask for return of their favour and always lend a listening ear to everything we have to share. True friendship is never give and take it`s a relation of understanding, learning and growing out from every mistake. It`s a thread which cannot have any knots but it is entangled with love and care. Friendship is like a blooming flower, spreading love, smiles, happiness, feeling of completeness, freshness and zeal to live life fully, It is miles away from social barricades like caste, creed, colour, religion etc. It`s just a beautiful feeling shared between friends. True friends never let you down they are always with you like your shadow, they are the ones who make you feel at peace, making you feel the completeness in life, friendship grows even more when there are no secrets, No hard feelings and no misunderstandings .The feelings you cannot share with your family can be easily shared with your friends.


It is true that a friend in need is a friend in deed, all of us do get along people who proclaim to be our friends who are with us always, while we are out having fun, partying or hanging around coolly but when are in need, when we get stuck up in situations; then they are the first ones to leave us alone, this is not what friendship is about it`s not just being together in our happy times but friendship is about being with our friends in all ups and downs in life, people who are only with you in good times are not your true friends they are just trying to use you. A friend will never let you go with wrong people a friend will always keep you away from bad things, It`s rightly said to judge a person, have a look at his friends as a person has no restriction to choose whom he wants to be friends with its his soul cup of tea, no one forces and no one stops him , he himself has to jump in the arena and choose his friend from the millions of them standing out there and the one he selects shows what a person is looking to improve in himself and his surroundings.

A friend is there for you whatever be the situation, a true friend never lets you down, when the situation goes out of hand then a friend is the one who consoles you, that everything will be all right, even if they know the things are hard to handle. A friend is always ready to help you, always there for you with a big hug and the most soothing smile! Friendship is not linked through blood but it`s a bond stronger than our blood relations, We choose our friends according to the way we ought to live, friendship is a beautiful world full of laughter ,pranks, jokes, love, understanding, teasing, poking, crying, It`s not built on the basis of one feeling but it`s the collaboration of all the feeling!! You can act to be the silliest in front of your friend and you`ll not get scolded , You can be the real you and they`ll love you even more. Sometimes a little smile from your friend sorts out all the things it`s said ,”Friendship is a ship which never sinks,” All misunderstandings confusions, doubts, aguish, can be sorted out by talking to a  friend.

Our friends are  truly our souls` image we can be we in front of them ,When we are with our friends nothing matters ,the world goes dim, we do not care what people will think  we can laugh endlessly and talk day in and out ,Commenting on others ,poking them playing , singing and dancing as there is no one to see. Friendship never dies ,distance does come with time ,but memories keep us uplifted and every time we are together , we are just  as we  were since always .It`s the sweetest emotion ,it`s the best way to drive out the real you. I love all my friends as everyone does ,It`s  true  that how much irritating our friend is but they are the ones who motivate us to keep moving, who scold us if we cry  as they can`t see our tears, who  entertains us when we are low, and are ever ready to give a warm hug, always making us feel  that life cannot be any better, making us feel that we are the best people in earth, keeping names changing ways, sharing clothes, everything is just possible with a friend nobody can ever replace our friends special place in our hearts.

True friendship is never conditional it`s just a crazy love between friends ,it`s the feeling you always wanted to feel it`s the most bizarre understanding , the most stupidest yet the sweetest relation you make .A true friend will never leave you alone because now we all know that truly “A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND IN DEED.”


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