Friends to Foes- No Gradual Affair

They ask you to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But at some point of life, telling the difference between the two becomes a mind boggling task. When do you know that your best friend is plotting a revenge on you for some tit bits? When quote like, “side by side or miles apart, friends are always in your heart” starts to lose significance in your lives, it is high time that you change your friend circle and move on. These relationships often become overwrought and tense with the passage of time. When they reach such unmanageable levels of misunderstanding, you reach the point of no return. Best friends share everything, starting from clothes to secrets about your boyfriends. But there are some secrets that can be turned against you if you are too way too casual with them. He used to be your well-wisher, your confidante and could stay by your side even when you were in grave danger. You need to think again and take a precautionary step. During our school days, we all had that one guy or girl, with whom we were best friends, the one girl with whom we were the buddies. But as the time moved one, we grew up and so did the world. We realized that the world no longer revolves around the school to home routine. We grow up and study more. We change our friends and the old ones are lost in memories or even they are kept in touch, but with little regularities.


It is hard when your friends turn against you and to start back biting. At first you would be taken aback for they were never like that, but then you start to contemplate and make out the entire scenario. Of course the article is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings about the true friendship you have. I must say that everybody has some great friends, including me. But alike everyone else, I had my bad phases too and learnt on my way. The majority of such people want to see you upset and see you cry. So my personal and foremost advice to all of you is that you don’t shed a single tear for the rebukes you faced. Ignore them and ensure yourself that you are better off with them. Your real friends are still there with open arms and a patient ear to listen to your problems. Your real friends would have never turned their backs to you. Spotting them and dealing with them is the best way to preserve your cool and sanity. You should know when to ditch the friends who pushes things way too far.


People ask to forgive and forget, but I say to forgive and never forget. Forgiving heals you quickly. You torture yourself when you hold grudges against others. What better than forgiving and letting the problems go! But when it comes to forgetting the stuff they did to you, say a strict no to yourself. In the near future, they may feel your need. Respond them with sternness. I am definitely not getting rude over here, but in simple words, being practical about the situation. I am sure everyone out there feels the same way. Reciprocating your anger in this way can make your friend turned foe realize their wrongs. If they betrayed you, cut the cord. Do not let them get to you. In the meanwhile, be the better person. It is easy to avenge but harder to forgive. Remain quiet and act mature. Surprisingly they will be the ones looking like idiots, not you. Instead of sulking around, come out and express your anger. Do not act vulnerable or distressed.


Meditate and tune them all out. It is good way to shield yourself from the bad going around you. Making a big deal about it is acceptable to the point of no return. But do not forge to give them a second chance. It will suffice. If you really believe that they are sorry, you should not wave them off with a cold shoulder. Judge for yourself whether they are honest in their apologies, and decide if you want them back as your friend. Meanwhile, keep open to new social opportunities. Say hi to other people. The people who are strangers to you can turn to be your friends in the later stages of life. Life is full of twists and turns, just steer your life in the best possible way. Meet others along the path and develop new connections. The moment you realize that good friends are a treasure and bad friends are a curse, your life becomes all the more complicated. Friends are like stars, some are bright, some dim. The problem is you need to identify their brightness. If you choose bad companions, no one will believe that you are anything but bad yourself. Some old story of Aesop’s fables narrates the quote. Avoid the questionable characters and stay close to the good friends of yours. There are times when you will be abashed by the goodness you find in them but the other moments will have you taken aback at the cruelty of the world.

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