Friendship Is Life

” Good morning. Here is your coffee. Now get ready.” How many of us are sure to get such a wake up call everyday? We do not know how every morning and the day subsequently will be. But every night , before we retire to bed, we are sure of the morning that would dawn. This law applies to friendship as well. Regardless of the fact of who you will be and what you will be, if one has to be sure of a companionship, then it could be none other than a friend. Nowadays, many relationships are based on certain benefits like monetary, etc.. Friendship is the only one that comes with no terms and conditions attached.

Here, some might tend to consider the term ‘ true friendship’. You might even make sub categories such as best friend or good friend. Yet, as a matter of fact, there is no truth and falsity in friendship. It is a strong bond tied for eternity. It is made up of sincerity and selfless affection, expecting no return from the other. After all, if there is a give and take of love, it becomes business and not friendship.

Friends are the most important in our life. It does not have any age criteria for the start of friendship and the relation that holds true to this term has no end. When a parent takes their baby out, the baby enjoys the most when he / she finds another one, of its own age group. They extend their hand, touch each other and converse in their own language, incomprehensible for us. You share friendship with the pet at your home. This is very evident when the pet comes running behind you when you leave it. It eagerly jumps over you and licks your hand, smothers you when you come back home after a tiring office day or trip. They can never hate you. They are loyal.

Friendship need not merely be between two people of the same age group. It sometimes comes in between a parent and a child too where there is no lie or expectancy. It could originate between a very old person and a young child.

A neighbor of mine impressed me to a great extent. He must be around sixty years old. He runs his own shop and follows a well planned routine. Everyday, in the afternoon , a friend of his visits him. They sit together in the shop itself and chat and chat. Somehow, despite the fact that it happens everyday, they never run out of topic. They spend the whole evening together. How pleasant is it to watch such an event. Everyone of us would love to have such an honest and trustworthy person throughout our life.

A friend is someone whom one can confess to, without being scared of having to face any ill consequences. It was back in those old days that parents were uneducated and orthodox that children feared to open up. In modern times, there is a very good mutual understanding. Parents are up to date with the growing trends and hence prove to be great companions along with guardians and well wishers. Most of them are no longer the canning type or lecturing type but they make us understand matters. Above all, they realize it very well that failure is the stepping stone to success. So at times, they even let us slip a bit and later encourage and guide us to come out with flying colors. Such parents can definitely be considered as friends.

A life without a friend is completely pointless. There are many things that one would miss without a friend in life. There are thousands of memories worth preserving and even sharing to the upcoming generations , if we have a friend. image

Who will be there to celebrate birthday with you and shout ” happy birthday to you, may the good lord bless you, you were born in the zoo”. The spice to the picnic is added when accompanied by a friend. Let the movie be a blockbuster. But one would not enjoy it until and unless we have a friend in the next seat to comment and criticize.

No person can be with us forever in the same way. Separations are eventual. You might have to go to work, settle with your family and fulfill many responsibilities. When you hold a book too close to the eyes, it becomes difficult to read. A distance is crucial for legibility. Similarly, distance shows how strong the bond is and the true value of the relationship. A fight and a misunderstanding is also a part of friendship. We cannot say that there will be a perfect coordination among friends just because they understand each other thoroughly. As a matter of fact, such small incidents make the bond stronger.

You can do anything for them. It’s an eternal bond. No give and take. Who has not said, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Not that a a needy person is a friend but a friend at the time of our need, to readily help us, is a friend undoubtedly. It need not necessarily be only between two people but among many too. Friends are the street lights in the journey to a bright future.

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