The Fundamental Right of Living

Thomas Jefferson, the United States president stated- ‘When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property’. The responsibility and the right to live your life are of utmost importance. It is said that you must assert for your rights then you have to perform your duties too. Living life is easy for some but without any responsibility could be catastrophic because they are on the path of hurting anyone out there and even those who love them. Rights and responsibilities always have to go hand in hand.


When you are born, your rights are given to your parents and when you grow, your rights are given to your teacher and friends to make you learn and understand the ways of life and when you attain an appropriate age then your life is handed over to you. It is now your time to choose the path in which you want to start your journey of life alone. The right to vote provided by the Constitution to the teens of the country is one of the apt ways of contributing to the world in your own way by choosing the appropriate candidate who would represent the rights of the citizens in the Parliament. It is a right given which can be seen as a big decision making moment in your respective lives so as to provide contribution to strengthen the country’s particular democratic structure.

Similarly the right to live your life is bestowed upon to you by nature. It carries the weight of the rights and responsibilities fulfilled with all the obligations which would help you to determine the fate of all the loved ones around you in the fray with their promises to bring the heaven down to the Earth just for your sake. Winston Churchill once quoted that- ‘The price of greatness is responsibility’. In the same manner living your life in the righteous manner is one of the most intellectual and smart way of taking your rights and responsibilities towards an honest path. If you truly know the right way of living your life and are not trying your best to be happy and honest with the people around you then there is something basically wrong with you and your attitude towards your life.

People always tend to grumble and cuss life so as to make it seem inferior to that of others. Just say yes or no to the required questions:-

1.      Do you have legs and hands for walking and doing your work respectively?

2.      Can you speak well, see clearly, listen well and do anything that you want to?

3.      Do you have friends and parents or people who really care for you and don’t want to hurt you?

4.      Do you have a heart, brain and soul?

Most of you might have yes as an answer to all of them and some might not but still the majority would have all of it. Those who are handicapped and can’t live life the normal way, do you think that they are bothered by their woes? No, not at all. They are stronger than what you could even expect them to be. No handicapped person wants to have your sympathy; they have self-respect of their own. It is their right and they don’t even demand it but earn it. They earn it by working hard and by making their weakness their utmost strength. They give their best in everything that they do. Learn from them and from nature. Life is given to you to live. It is a beautiful gift provided by God and nature for those who are willing to give their best to the society and to the lives of others.

No one has the right to take another’s life and not even their own. There is a quote said by W.H. Auden- ‘Almost all of our relationships begin and most of them continue as forms of mutual exploitation, a mental or physical barter, to be terminated when one or both parties run out of goods.’ Do not exploit your right to live in a negative sense. A life lived with utmost care and for the welfare of others is one which provides you with the utmost pleasure, happiness and calmness which is exemplary.

With power comes responsibility’, a dialogue from Spider-man movies seems apt when you marginalize it with life. If nature has given us the power to live then we should make amends to live it in the best manner possible. Opportunity given should always be made handy of. It is always a great pleasure in life to do what others think and say that you cannot do. It is a great bliss to live life to its entirety. Many people do suicide and try to take another’s life. There is nothing practical in it and it is in no way right.

We do not know why life can turn into a heaven and hell and we don’t know what to expect from it in future. What we can do only is to live it in the present, in a way that people around would look up to us in a respectful manner and say- ‘Yes, this guy really did know about his right to live life and he really did so in his time’. 

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