Some funny days in that weird Village

My 8 years old nephew came running to me early morning that day by chirping my name repeatedly. My room is on the top floor of the house, so he kept on screaming my name continuously till the time he arrived at the door. Seriously, even Kumbhkarna (A significant character in epic Ramayana, who had a boon to sleep for 6 months continuously ) would have woken up by his high frequency sharp voice.

I opened the door and he gave me a post, which was delivered for me. I opened it with sleepy eyes but as I opened it, I also started to scream in the same way my nephew did few minutes ago. In fact, I started to jump out of excitement and screamed in a louder and cacophony voice and not to forget also began to dance and sing like crazy.

Yeah, I had been posted as an assistant engineer but the twist in the tale was that it was a village where I had been located. Well, it was a golden opportunity so I had to go.

I didn’t think much about the location of the job because it was necessary for me to go for this job. With lots of imaginations in my mind, I left my home town and went to begin my entirely new world over there.

I had not thought that these two months over there would turn out full of so many new experiences and frankly speaking hilarious as well as weird to some extent. I got to meet many unusual, comic, troublesome and sometimes even insulting circumstances; which now makes me laugh and more than me, it makes my friends laugh.

At that day, in a bus, full of rush; I was desperately waiting to reach my destination. Firstly, because it was damn inconvenient to sit there and secondly, I wanted to pee. The bus was running as if it was a bullock cart, with the least possible speed ever and with large numbers of stoppages and passengers.

Really, it was a challenging one. Conductor called my destination’s name and I prompted to get out of the bus and so many other people as well. An uncle with white mustache and a muffler in his neck nudged me and signaled me to go out of the bus quickly. He was just behind me. I came out and after me, he too came out. I was stretching my body to comfort myself and suddenly I felt, my one foot was under a huge heavy box. Yes, that stupid blind uncle had put his box on my foot by mistake. I screamed in pain and he immediately kept the box aside with a smile, as if the box was any teddy bear. I made an angry face towards him and he too behaved humbly and went ahead instantly. Well, this was just the beginning of such incidents with me. A whole new bunch of happenings were waiting for me.



I reached the house, where I was going to spend these two months due to my new job. One thing that had already caught my attention was the pond in the village. From the childhood, it had been a wish to swim for hours and a glimpse of that pond had evoked that again.

I put all my bags in the room and ran swiftly towards the pond. Yeah, I knew that after one day, I had to go for my work; so before that I just wanted to try the swimming once. I was going downstairs and all of a sudden, a girl came in front of me and we collided. After few seconds, when I realized that I have bumped with a girl, then I said sorry to her but the strangest part was that she had started to stare at me continuously. I repeated my sorry but she didn’t seem to take her eyes off from me. I think at that time, she was in any dream (might be in love with me at first sight). I again repeated with a very surprised face but then she smiled in a very filmy style and ran away shying. That was quite cliched for me as I had seen such scenes in many Hindi films. After she ran away I made a weird face and moved ahead laughing. Later on, I got to know that she was the daughter of my landlord.

It was the evening time and I was near the pond. Some villagers recognized me. They greeted me and by the end of the evening I also became successful to convince one teenage guy to teach me swimming; though I had to bribe him by promising him to feed some snacks and sweets but I feel at that time, I could do anything to learn swimming as if I was there for my swimming classes.

My work had started and it was really interesting to live in such different place. The natural beauty of the village was really unseen and inexperienced for me but the experiences which were coming along with this natural beauty were also not so known to me.

It was Sunday and I was sleeping even after 9 in the morning and suddenly, I got to hear cluck of hens and I felt as if they were very close to me , so I woke up instantly and looked around. I gasped in wonder by looking at the hens, which were actually inside my room and they were so many in numbers. I started to run them away from my room but till that time they had already scattered here and there but I still tried. Really, it was like an exercise session for me. I was trying to catch one and the second one was running here and there. Amid all this, that girl arrived and again started to stare at me with a shy smile on her face as if I was entertaining her. I asked her for help. She came inside the room in slow motion like a typical Hindi film heroine. She was antique, really. Even in this scenario of hotchpotch, she didn’t forget to maintain her heroine attitude. Finally, we were successful to bring all the hens and chickens out of my room. I sighed in relax but she continued staring at me. I really don’t know was I that handsome?

Well, after sometime the landlord also came to my room and said sorry for this inconvenience but one thing was for sure that if I would have stayed there for more than two months, I had gotten married with that girl. Firstly, because that girl was so desperate to do that and secondly, because her dad was impressed from the very first day but thank god, it was just two months and god saved me.

The work was going on well and so my preparations for swimming but that day when I was inside the pond, enjoying the swimming session and was lost in the sunny day, I had no idea that some cows and oxen would chew up all my dresses. Really, that was the day when I had to wait for almost two hours for someone to come near pond so that I could tell them to bring my clothes from my room.

This village has given me some of the most unimaginable and unpredictable funny life experiences. I still find them laughable and sometimes other people find it more laughable.

Once, a fare was occurring there and it was during the last days of my work period and I wore dhoti that day. I thought as if I looked perfect that day but I had no idea that it could stuck somewhere and could opened. Yes, this too happened with me. Everybody started to laugh, though they were trying their best to hide their chuckles but somehow it used to get erupted. This was quite insulting but I tried not to take it so seriously and laughed with them. After me, everyone laughed out loud. It was liberating.

With so many experiences in such short time duration and that too funny ones, I finally left the village.

Impressions of those days spent in that weird village is so deep that even now, it can make me laugh and if I say about my friends then its truth that they remember it more often than me, only to annoy me but yes, remembering those funny days in that weird village can still brighten my gloomiest days, an altogether different life experience with different kind of people. It was important at that time and now it is priceless.

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