The Geek way of Life: Living Life the ‘Science’ way

‘When two particles or bodies directly strike in such a way that the total kinetic energy and the total linear momentum of the colliding particles during the collisions remain constant, then it is called elastic collision. But when two particles collide in such a way that the total linear momentum of colliding particles or bodies remain constant or conserved but the total Kinetic energy of the colliding particle system is not conserved then it is called inelastic collision.’

You might be thinking what happened to the author. Why is he actually hyperventilating himself with the hypodermic scientific explanation of such a phenomenon when he is writing an article on life and its complications? The answer lies herein. The above mentioned definition is somewhat a great example or thoughtful ailment of collision between intellects and ideas. The definition can be resurrected as mentioned below:-

‘When two or more people gather together with the same point of view, determination and with a proper enthusiasm and unselfish motives along with mutual understanding and respect of sorts then they can achieve greater heights in their life. But when two or more people have differences and tend to be uptight about each other in every possible situation then they would always be out their pulling each other’s legs and creating nuisance in their own lives and that of others.’

Science and Life are inter-related. Life is a science in itself. Humans, emotions and decisions are all part of the same plan designed by someone whom we can interpret as God. There is the famous Law of Attraction defined speculatively in the books by Rhonda Byrne named ,’The Secret’ and ‘The Power’. There are many other motivational books and speeches present were everything around the world revolves around these scientific laws. One just needs to understand it deeply and in a precise manner.

There is a dialogue in 3 Idiots, a great movie starring Aamir Khan which stated –‘Life is a race, if you don’t run then you will be like a broken ANDA (Egg)’. It was a comic line but its significance is what makes us from thinking about all the philosophical things surrounding us. There is meaning in everything, in every being, in every situation, in sadness and even in happiness; the stars above, the moon, the sun and the chirping of birds – each of them have a great opus of Life. With time and technology changing at such a rapid rate, people are turning into a frugal, stingy, parsimonious insularity that is tremulously shattering the true existence of human nature.


The aim of Science is to open the door to infinite wisdom, but to set a limit to infinite error. We humans have unheeded this paradox antiquity and have voyaged towards a nonchalant life where emotions have no value. Honesty, truthfulness and chivalry exist in few. The whole population is turning into a venomous, deadly, obnoxious and antagonistic bloodline where the true beauty of living life and spreading love on the path of angelic Mother Teresa, Saint Valentine and Florence Nightingale can never be even thought of.

Science shows the essence of Life. It helps us to understand the demeaning existence of ours and where our greediness is leading us to. It is only through understanding of our inner self and by having a positive and helping soul that you could think of getting a pleasing effect on your heart. Be pure and happy like a Rose who remains beautiful while being in the midst of thorny ordeals. Roses have the quality of being beautiful, attractive and rejuvenate in spite of them being grown in thorns. These flowers provide to others a fine mix of gratitude and thankful energy. One can see this as a scientific explanation given by nature to humans. Roses are found in different colors and in the same way Life too has different moments for you and sometimes like the thorns there are ordeals in life. But you have to stand firm and strong in your heart like the Rose and glow like it to get out of the situations. These flowers provide you with an understanding of the life in its most microcosmic form.

Science can help you understand life. From the genetic principles to the internet technology, from telegraphs to Facebook and from street vendors to online shopping procedures, science has surely advanced our life and has been a constant companion of us all. It is we who need to understand that Life also means emotions, friends, family and dreams. It is about fulfilling your fantasies in an honest way and not by killing of other’s dreams and thrashing emotions of people on your way. Nature has its own course and there is a circle of life out there. Every wrong done at some time does revert back to you in a hard way. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

As such, understand Life through nature, through science and through your own inner self. Life is like a rainbow with different colors and it is us who have to choose what color we ought to be. Claude Bernard, a famous scientist beautifully described the relationship of science and life as- ‘The Science of Life is a superb and dazzlingly lighted hall which may be reached only by passing through a long and ghastly kitchen.’

So enjoy it in the best way and be positive and determined even in the worst of situations.

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