Gender Policies: Are Women Really Men in Disguise?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Is it ? Men and women have been stereotyped and have actually been caged with certain characteristics and behavioral traits, certain mannerisms and terms that now it is extremely difficult to come out of these.

A man is expected to be strong and courageous probably insensitive at times , not so understanding whereas women on other hand are expected to be docile , sensitive and caring. No matter how strong but ultimately weaker than the opposite sex. People think there are exceptions too and these exceptions are termed as well. A girl being a bit bold and not so girly as we say is termed as a “tom boy” and a guy being too sweet to be rough is a sissy boy or gay. But the question here is why are we being so discriminative? Why are we being termed with certain names? Why is that certain things are expected only out of a girl and a boy , vice-versa being true too. Its because that’s the rule. But who at first place made these rules. A guy can be all dirty and lazy , can repeat clothes and is not expected to take bath everyday which is the exact opposite of what is expected out of a girl – she has to be neat and presentable. She has to look pretty all the time. What is the need of such gender policing and assigning of roles.


women are actually men in disguise


I believe that women are no different from men. It is not unusual if a woman is good at math and if she likes watching football and mind you not just watching those hot players but the game. Even women like being casual , they would prefer to stay in their pyjamas instead of being properly dressed all the time. Not to forget there are many girls out there who love playing video games sitting at home and chilling. Girls become those innocent lambs when they are sure that there is someone to protect us. If they are alone and in trouble , girls can be as strong as a guy. Just like guys have their male ego , women too have their own ego issues probably not in matters men have. Girls generally prefer to wait for a guy to approach her rather than approaching someone herself. She doesn’t like making the first move and that is where her ego pops up.

A woman’s approach towards love and career is no different from that of a man’s approach towards the same. Girls are as ambitious and intelligent as guys. The interest me differ though , but the amount of seriousness and way of doing things is not that different. Just like men , women too talk dirty with her friends . The only difference is that she does it in hiding and the simple reason to that being the roles being assigned to us since the day we were born. A girl cannot be that bold and blunt , its out of course. This constant pressure of behaving in a certain manner , talking in a certain way hides the man inside a woman. She can give you a real tough time at sports as well if she is as enthusiastic as you are.

Yes, there is no denying the fact that the two sexes differ biologically , but studies suggest that men and women don’t differ much psychologically. Men too can be an emotional freak at times , even more than a woman and they too can express their feelings beautifully like women do. The general connotations about women that they can’t play sports well and that they terribly fail at math or basically anything to do with brains are all just myths. Every woman has two personalities , one for the world and the other also the one in which she is more comfortable for herself or for people she love.

Men are as insecure about there looks as women, it is just that their casual attitude hides it all and they are not stereotyped to be worried about their looks. Now, even if they have something to worry about in their looks , they won’t say it. Its because they will be made fun of . Same is the case with girls , they hide their insensitive , wild, casual and frank side because that is something not expected out of them. And anyone who tries breaking these norms are again categorized.

Men and women may vary in a few things but they tend to react in the same manner to matters important because before men and women we are all humans. Besides emotions cannot be changed . If someone is upset he/she will cry. The difference will be that women are given the freedom to cry openly whereas men are expected to cry in private, hiding, not showing their weak side. But that from nowhere means men don’t cry or women don’t play sports . Men too have women characteristics which they suppress or hide otherwise they will be considered weak.

Just like inside every man there is a woman , inside every woman there is a man and hence women are nothing but actually men in disguise.

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