Every age comes up with certain new ideas new believes new desires and new aspirations, every upcoming generation is far more smarter and intelligent than the preceding one, our parents consider us being smart and their parents assume our parents to be smarter. Every generation is hundred times clever and smart than the preceding one, no new generation mingles with the believes of the preceding generation their views clash and they start considering the preceding generations as old  and narrow minded.


There are issues in every household the major ones mostly due to clashing of views or what is now a day’s termed as the big generation gap. Children do not go along with their parents views and get further separated from their grandparents due to even more of a gap between the two. Sometimes the issues are not major and can be easily handled by mutual understanding but sometimes the situation gets too tensed parents are not ready to listen to their children and vice versa, the void hence created leave an age long patch between the relationships.


No generation is ready to bend down to listen what the other generation has to say , every generation builds a wall of behaving with dignity in relationships, they bound themselves with the mock show of respect and somehow separate themselves from the ones who they can trust the most. It`s not always one sided mistake that their begins clashes between two generations in a family, the fault is always from both side, their certainly is a lack of understanding the trust factor is missing  which leads to such happenings in families. Sometimes children are not ready to listen what their parents have to say and neither are the parent`s ready to change their approach of handling their kids. Sometimes the parents get too overprotective that their emerges a level of suffocation in the relationship, too much of anything is harmful ;parent`s worries and concern for the child is obvious but it certainly should know it`s limits because the child should himself learn the rules of life to be able to handle situation in his own ways.

Not only in the ways of understanding or mutual coordination there is a vast change in the way the generations now use the electronic gadgets, our preceding generation just do not get how to use the basic functions of the gadgets whereas in today’s generation even the kids of 4- 5 years handle all the gadgets efficiently they are so much adapted to this technological era that they are virile with all these seemingly difficult gadgets for the old, there is vast change in the trends of now and then, there were no means of sustenance in older ages but today even young children carry big cell phones and innumerable other gadgets . the way the children now carry out themselves sometimes leave even the adults to utter amazement, they are so vociferous and efficient in their ideas , views that even adults do bend down in front of them, there was an age when children obeyed their parents for all rights and wrongs without questioning but now each point of even the parents have to be explained very well before the deliverance of any order.


There is no doubt that the 21st century generation is truly gen-x , with smartness and intelligence in its blood. There are no means how we can compare yesteryears generation with the present one, though the new generation of every contemporary time is considered smart, but this generation has a de facto quality which makes them stand wisely in the crowd, the generation is aware and demands for answers it abhors fake promises , it aspires for results.

There is no way that the ideas of two different generation would match together, but there is the rule of survival of the fittest , we should learn to uphold our selves even in the most anti conditions, nobody accepts others views easily so we should learn to be lucid in our tongue soft and gentle in keeping our arguments, nothing is ever been achieved of fights , if there are difference we should be efficient enough to seek for ways to sought them out, to come closer to people of other generation we should learn to develop a level of friendship a level of openness and warmth in our relationship, there is no way your kid or your parents are going to go against you it`s just that your point of view do not match  and if you have developed the openness and warmth of friendship in any relationship if the way of deliverance if right things start wrapping up  automatically.

Nobody is your enemy everybody loves to be loved, if suffocation is there in any relationship the relationship would soon die and all we`ll be left behind would be just regret. It`s better late than never try today to create a bond of love and affection in your relationships, the gap doesn`t count if your hearts are young to break  the walls that bound you to line with the people you love , every relation can be sweet if the flavours of love and trust are added to it.


Generation gap would only remain a word when we learn to side with the fear we feel from our elders , or the mere sense of respecting them makes us be dominated by them, if parents would not treat children as just their property and learn to build the relationship of friendship more than that of just a parent and child relationship. There would be nothing as generation gap if we would give away with our ego and try to understand others , have a heart big enough to spread love ;not just trying to dominate others.

Respect is never asked for it is gained, the gap will lessen if you`ll try if the fake trends of formalities are broken, when friendship blossoms and when you would give space to others to  have a hearty laughter or strong discussion in any topic from heaven to earth they desire with you.


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