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Human being is a social animal. It is said so because he always tries to mingle with people around him and lives in a society where he develops some sort of friendships with them. A person always looks around for company as he is a social being who is eager to interact with new people, build relations and lead his life in a smother way. People are afraid of loneliness as they feel that being lonely is not a choice but is thrown as their destiny by others. They never prefer staying alone. How much ever your friend or your sibling is close to you, there comes a point of time where in you have to “act” with them. You have to act fake or cover up your sadness just to show them that you are happy. This does not happen in all situations but at sometimes, it cannot be helped.

When you are with people, you cannot express your sadness or your problems as effectively as you could express your happiness. This is the problem with the present generation where we do not get time for ourselves as we remain busy in our work or caring for other’s happiness. Some people do not know how to handle their stress and pain and hence they unknowingly show their anger on others leading to break-up of several relations. All these things might look as tiny matters to others but they are the “real matters” for people who experience them and feel the loss of relations and inner peace.

In order to lose this feeling of inner sadness and pain, we need to stay alone at times and spend time with ourselves. This may seem a silly option, but this really works.

How many of us really share our problems with our inner self? Well, this seems really childish but recent studies have concluded that people aren’t spending enough time with our own self where we need to have an inner monologue between our brain and heart discussing about things that happened throughout the day. There will be some point which is not accepted by both of them unanimously. That is the time you need to analyze your inner self and the problem from both the perspectives (heart and brain). You will get a better clarity on how to deal with it and will be relieved of the stress.


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Spending time with yourself brings you relaxation. You get the real time to spend for yourself. You can read your favorite book, listen to your favorite music, sing songs or dance to your all time tunes. Do all those things which you have been postponing from many days just because you do not have enough time. Be yourself and enjoy staying alone. Pamper yourself with everything your heart wishes for. If you feel that you have nothing to do, then take a nap. Nothing can energize a person more than a calm nap without any tensions and external disturbances.This is the best remedy for your stress and pressure which kept irritating you since a very long time.


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A person’s character is determined by the behavior he depicts when he is alone. That is the best time you discover yourself. Understand what you are and learn how to behave and how not to behave. All these are very basic and easy things to follow but these small things make a huge difference in your life. “You cannot change your future. So change your habits and your habits will surely change your future”~ Abdul Kalam. Hence analyze yourself, refine your habits and stay contented and successful in your life.




It is never harmful to get some time for yourself. After all, it is your life and you have complete rights over it. You can’t let anyone decide what you have to do and what you have to become. Similarly, however busy you are, take some time for yourself, relax a bit, enjoy sometime and spend time in such a way that you will never regret it. All this time will later become your good memories and boost you up when you are feeling low or stressed.



Loneliness and being alone are entirely different things. People feel that these two words are identical and they worry a lot when they hear the words. But the fact is that, they are different. Loneliness is something which we cannot choice. When we are left behind by people and there is no one to care us, that is called loneliness. When we choose to get time for ourselves, to come out of the routine life and enjoy our life to the fullest, that is what we called staying alone and make the most of the solitude of our life.



Most of the people fail to notice this minute difference and they decide for themselves that they do not have proper friends and feel depressed. Instead, take it in a positive note. Spending all your time with friends and close ones can make you feel artificial at some times. You have to smile all the time though you are happy or sad. If you are happy, then you can thoroughly enjoy the meets but if you are sad, you feel that you are getting tortured with all those meets continuously. So when you get your personal time, never neglect it and utilize the time completely to keep your body and mind energized.


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