Doing it all Gets Nothing Done

doing it all gets nothing done

Have you ever caught yourself cribbing about how there isn’t enough time in your life to do all the things that you want? The end of such a conversation more than often results in stick notes with tips on how to make time and do multiple things as you go about you daily routine. And to make time for multiple things you will need to put on your super time manager suit and create time between those long working hours and squeeze in that dance class between your college and your tuition. You might manage to pull all of this and more for a month and maximum two months after which your mind and body will give up because the kind of strain we tend to put on ourselves by Multitasking our lives can sometimes put the abilities of super heroes to shame!

Multitasking is no longer a notion that people in suits and professional jobs seek refuge in, it has not only become a well established idea but has also seeped down into education institutions including schools. If you cannot multitask, you will never get anywhere in life is what we have been grilled into believing. But just take a moment out for yourself and think about all the things that you are doing and if all of this is on the expense of something very essential and central to our lives. If we stop for a minute and reflect we will find that people, the most essential element to our lives, somewhere get lost amidst the many to do lists and stick notes. More than often it’s the family that suffers while we are out there doing all these different things

multi tasking

Another paradox that comes with Multitasking is the Time and Saving paradox. We work on different projects at the same time thinking it’s saving us time and getting precious minutes that we will invest in doing other better things later. But have you ever seen someone say, oh from the time that I have saved by multitasking on MS word and Excel, I am going to go to the Zen Monastery and find peace. No, we take this time and put it again into something that we might think very important with our real goals in life getting lost in the amidst of this world we have weaved around us.

Well, this is not to say that you should only work on one and only one thing in a day but the essence is to get the priorities right. Is it really that important to take an added project when you are already running three? Or will that fiction course really do me any good when I am taking six other intensive courses. All this and more is what we need to ask when structuring our day. Doing multiple things also reduces our efficiency to produce quality work. You might start cribbing about how your creativity has received a set back and how ideas don’t transform to practical work anymore. This is Brain Drain that results from extensively working at multiple things without really focusing on any of them. It’s common sense that doing all of them will result in creation of distractions while you work on them individually.

As if all the various things that we want to do in life weren’t enough we now have this added need and necessity of being constantly in touch with the world. The obsession has become so grave that instead of being social we end up becoming g completely asocial. In an era where Facebook comments form for conversations, the memories of a physical presence is somehow getting lost between the many ways in which we stay connected. We are texting all the time, if not texting we are wring short emails with abbreviations that can put any cipher to shame, and if not that we are checking the red blips on our smart phones which just never end! And all this while we conveniently do other things too, be it reading or making presentations, we always need someone to talk to and text. Not only does this alienate us from ourselves it also alienates us from the people who now only exist in the contact books of our phones.


To be able to work on many things at once in a small time may seem like an asset to you, but will completing all those home assignments in just three days get you anywhere close to the understanding of the subject per se? Or will squeezing in half an hour with friends in a month really get your friendships anywhere. These things should always run at the back of your head while make any decisions about your routine. Although you can keep on adding balls to your juggling, it will make you lose track and focus of some of the most important things in life- including your own self. There’s no concept of time for yourself anymore in this fast paced world. But if you can’t just live and breathe and feel alive whenever you want, what is the point of living?


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