The Girl in The Mirror


She woke up and stood in front of that mirror, who had been staring at her innocence the whole night. In her little world, the girl in the mirror was her sole companion. Whenever in doubt, she would go and stand there, pour her heart into that mirror. Oh yes, she needed a friend in whom she could confide and that mirror was all that she could find. That girl in the mirror was never short of time. She could listen to her endless stories and would never get tired. She would share the same enthusiasm as the girl in front of the mirror had. They both laughed together and cried together. The strongest of all the bonds that people shared. Poor thing! Couldn’t even find a single shoulder to cry. But the mirror offered her much more than that. At least, the girl in the mirror never laughed when she cried. A terrible thing that happens in the real world!

In the real world, things happen differently. People laugh when you cry, they dance when you fall. They offer you food when you are thirsty. They are not as compassionate as the girl in the mirror and yet we say the girl in the mirror does not have a soul. Having a soul does not do any good either. Somewhere deep down her heart she was happy that she was in the company of the mirror. She didn’t have to wear a fake smile when actually she wanted to cry. She didn’t have to wear make-up to hide her flaws. Above all, she could be what she actually wanted to be. No masks, no lies. It was interesting how she would sit in front of the mirror and stare at that girl, wonder if she too had to suffer from the same. Wonder if the flaws on her face were as real as hers. She wanted to know her side of the story too.

“There’s this girl in the mirror, i wonder who she is. Sometimes i think i know her and sometimes i wish i did.” 
— Stephine J. Randall


Loneliness was killing her from within; she couldn’t find peace within herself. She would stare at the blank walls and then slightly turn her face towards the mirror. There were times when she hated to see what the mirror reflected. The mirror reflected her loneliness, her pain. The dark bags under her eyes were a proof to her suffering. To scars on her face was a reminder of her struggle. Many a times she would dim the lights, pull on the curtains and lock her inside the room. She hated going out in the light. The world was too bright for her. There was too much of brightness for her to take in, there was too much of sunshine. But what she needed was just a little ray of hope. There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be and then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in the mirror.


“When you look in the mirror, what do you want to see: yet another reminder of your hopeless attempt to be the girl of his dreams, or you? The answer should always be you.” 

Depression makes it worse. The moment when you look into the mirror, you see an abandoned soul. A soul that needs help and you want to help her as much as you want to help yourself. You look in the mirror and you hate what you see. You can’t stand the person staring back at you. She is deteriorating, just withering away. She’s gone AWOL, gone insane, gone astray. You are losing her, she is sinking below. But you love her, more than you’ll ever know. You are not sure how to tell her, you need her here. You just want to reach out and hug the GIRL IN THE MIRROR.


If you can’t find anyone to express your feelings with, look for that girl in the mirror. She is waiting to hear from you. In a world where people hardly have time for each other, she is patiently waiting for you. She wants you to acknowledge her presence.

“The girl in the mirror wasn’t who I wanted to be and her life wasn’t the one I wanted to have.” You should constantly remind yourself this, whenever you see a pitiful reflection of yourself. You should remember you are not a sad story. Maybe you are a little lonely now, but this is not going to last forever. And you should realize that nobody is really always happy, they just know how to not be sad. They know how not to let their selves consumed by loneliness. They didn’t succumb to depression, they fought back. And so can you. If you can’t find a friend to whom you can relate, make that girl in the mirror your friend. Not just a friend who listens only to your sad stories, but also hopes to hear some happy ones, some hopeful ones.

So remember, the most important friend you’ll ever know is the one looking at you in the mirror. They know what you are thinking; they can’t talk behind your back. Only when they become your best friend, will a friendship with anybody else be possible.

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