Being Your Girl’s Best Friend

Your relationship is ‘more than just friends’ but you will be committing a grave mistake if you forget that you still have to be the best friend to your girlfriend. If you try to recall the courtship periods and how hard you tried to woo her, you will see yourself doing everything you could to be there for her. Yes, being there for her is the key. Being in a relationship is not the end of the days you need to keep putting in your efforts. It is the sweet result of your hard work and it is simply the beginning of a new phase in your life. Achieving a target is hard but being consistent with your efforts and results is even harder. Majority of the relationships are jeopardised as soon as one of the two partners involved in it start taking the other for granted. It is even worse when both the partners develop such a view.

her best friend

Being in a healthy relationship requires commitment and putting the needs of your partner ahead of yours. I am sorry if you were looking for an article that could help you win a girl just for the sake of having a relationship because this is not for you and you should probably think having a girlfriend through. There are numerous ways through which the innocence of a young, romantic relationship has been polluted. The derogatory music albums released by popular singers whom we strangely enough idolise, sitcoms that depict fornication as a normal and enjoyable part of life or considering the idea of having sexual relationships before marriage as acceptable in the modern world are all to be blamed equally.

Falling in love. It is a beautiful feeling. The moment when you look at a girl and you just know that she is everything you need. You fall head over heels and gather all your energy in an attempt to win her heart. Interestingly, the real task starts once you have told her about your feelings and if you are lucky she feels the same too and as they say, you are in a relationship with her. Let me tell you something very important- a girl needs to be cherished and she needs to be taken care of. You might tell her a million times a day that you love her but it will not be as good as making her feel just once a day that you love her. So if you are planning on winning a pretty girl’s gentle heart, be sure to step into a man’s shoes first.

being there for her

If you love a girl, you must be willing to do everything that will keep her happy. It is important to understand that being in a relationship does not mean that the partners have control over the other. People should always be given the personal space that they need and try not to be possessive about the guys she hangs out with. Always strive to be the best friend she can have and you will have no reason to worry about someone else taking your place in her world. It is as simple as that. You must understand that, after her father and brothers, you are the most important male in her life. At times, there are sensitive things that she cannot share with her family members and you are the only person who can help her out. You have to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that you help her out and help her stay on the right path.

When she is under pressure with issues related to her work or family, do not be another wall pressing on her. Instead, be a cushion and be supportive. Try to talk to her about her challenges and see if you can help her with your comforting words. Listening is necessary. Sometimes, a good listener is all that a girl needs. So be one. The more you listen to her talk about her problems, the closer you will be to her and the more of her trust you will gain. If you stay patient with her, you will stand a greater chance of helping her arrive to a productive solution and at times, just her knowing that you understand her situation will give her the strength to face the challenges at hand.

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Finally, it is essential that you keep your relationship away from the evil that fornication is. I may sound orthodox but I know that I am right. Sleeping with someone does not necessarily increase the trust levels. If the relationship comes to an end, you might regret being in bed with someone who did not turn out to be ‘the one’. I am not going to be harsh by saying that having sexual relationships out of the holy bonds of matrimony is a sin but I will say that something created by God to be enjoyed only by a married couple should be respected enough to not practice it with aims that deviate from its natural purpose. The fact that both Christianity and Islam (two of the world’s most followed religions) advise against it, is enough to support my stand. Moreover, your love for her must not depend on the physical relations that you two have.

I am one of the most romantic people you can imagine but even to me, all that talk of not being able to live without her in my arms or the need to talk over the phone every single day is gibberish. Yes, romance is necessary and it is the spark in a relationship that helps keep the fire burning but the actuality is pretty plain. If you love her, just make her feel that you do. It will be worth a million romantic words. It is your actions that count and not your verbal expressions.

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