Give Your Grandparents The Grandeur They Deserve



Urbanisation. Subsequently the first thought which is likely to strike our mind is global warming. Indeed, it is one of the serious negative impacts of this revolution, having a major effect on the entire ecological system, worldwide. Yet, there are far more issues worth noting. Unfortunately, no one has time to give it a thought.
Man invented robots and fed it his wisdom. Now, he himself is transforming into one. With wheels on his legs, nearly every human is in a quest for material benefits. Earning has become a priority. City life is abundant with opportunities to earn and gain all the luxury needed. What we fail to realize is the cost of such attitude.
They worked hard. They spent every bit of their energy to educate us. They went through times when they gave us a full stomach and went to with theirs bed empty. How many times would they have complained about it? I don’t think even once! Ultimately, their dream has come true. We are successful and our future is bright. No denial of that fact. But now, when we are finally settled in the urban area, a fruit of their sweat, our children ask, “who are my grandparents? “. Where is the gratitude they deserve?
The literal grieving scenario now is that our old homes have become old age homes. In order to pursue a better and higher education, we migrate to cities. Companies always have open doors to welcome well-literate people and when we get the salary in hand, very few people think of sharing it with their parents. City life offers so much that we first tend to enjoy them all. Once we settle with our family (family by which I mean spouse and children) we focus on their betterment. That is obviously necessary. But we should also think about those souls who managed to bring us to this position.
People in their old age, weary of their hard work to earn for the family, require nothing but peace and happiness in their remaining days. A son or daughter need not hand over their entire salary. The mere act of visiting them and expressing a gesture of thanks to all that they have sacrificed would give them immense delight.
We should try to do as much as possible to make them happy. If we cannot leave the city to live with them, we can definitely get them to the city and offer a comfortable life. Many do not agree to this owing to the ‘interference’ caused by them. But the fact remains that it is not interference. What they advice is for our own good. They have experienced so much more. They have passed countless number of hurdles. They know what is good for us and what is not. Yet when they ask us not to drive fast, return home considerably early, not to get influenced by those who smoke and drink, etc. we feel offended, despite the fact that these are the obligations that can be fulfilled easily. In order to get away with all this, we choose to keep them away! Only when we do come across such an incident do we realize the essence of their words. A question might as well arise here – “only the unlucky fall into such traps. Not all who go for night clubbing, etc. end up in miserable situations.” That is absolutely true, but isn’t prevention better than cure? How would it be, to spend the rest of the life, thinking how things would have been, if you had paid heed to their words? They also feel happy when we listen to them. City life makes us blind towards their virtues. We begin to consider them uneducated, due to which, their words need not be given any importance. For a girl, keeping her parents with her after marriage is not very practical. Yet, she can spend some time with them often.
Festivals, whether they commemorated any true incident or not, surely brought families together. Diwali or Christmas or Id, these occasions served as an excuse to retire from the busy office schedule for a few days and spend time with our family. But we have become self-centred to that extent that we rather spend a fortune and go to some tourist location. Hardly do we reckon to give our parents a hug and taste a home-made sweet. Technology has improved so much that it is all about emails and social networking. Visiting someone has become rare. Some people can afford to spend hours on chatting with their friends but a call with a parent ends within minutes. Some do not even bother to make that one small call or write a short mail.
More than children, it is the grand children who fill the holes in their lives. It is that tender love that they crave for, the most. How would they feel when they get to know that the child has not even seen them for years or cannot recognise them? For this purpose alone, came up the idea of grandparents’ day. How many of us recognise it and even bother to write to our grandparents for it.
I personally sit with my grandparents for a while. To be honest, their conversation does seem absurd at times. They elaborate every minute detail. After all, who else do they have, to talk to? They also want companionship. Sharing the events in their childhood gives them pleasure. They do not regard serving us as a burden. Instead, they fancy caressing us. That single kiss I give them on their cheek before I bid a goodbye lets them move on till the next visit. A mere one minute call to wish a good morning and good night, occasional calls and visits to share our achievements make them proud. They would then spend hours telling their neighbours about it.
Yes, they do have friends from their age group. But nothing can be equal to the joy they get from their children and most significantly, grandchildren. Hence, consider them. Let them also be a part of your life. Time is running and soon will we reach the time when we will experience similar emotions.

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