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There are certain things in life one must definitely give up. You have been advised many number of times to adopt some habits and some rules and regulations to get success. But there are times when you need to get off some things. There is a moment when you think of yourself as a loser and that is what I am talking about. You need to get over that feeling of being second to everyone. You should stop considering what others have to say and prioritise your decisions as per your requirements. Do not let the options of others control your life. It is what you think and do for your life that matters. Others will only have to say what is good and what is bad. It is you who should decide your life’s decisions and choices. Stop bothering yourself from others opinions. It is time you give importance to yourself as well. You have to do exactly what is best for you and not what is best for everyone else. It is true that every human being sent on this planet has a purpose to fulfil. But during your life course, do not take any such steps that are not favour of you. Instead take decisions which are fruitful to your being and not harmful to others.


Your past does not guarantee your future. Whatever bad you did or the silly mistakes you did, those were not meant to shape your future. Those were just lessons that were meant to mend your thoughts and future decisions. Do not brood over your failures. Failures come and go but if you are confident enough to let go off your regrets and mistakes, you have a long way to go. All that matters is what you are doing right now to build your future in a well determined manner. Make a decision about what you want, about your purpose and about your goals. Being indecisive about your life is one of the greatest weaknesses of a human. One will never leave the place if one is unsure about the path he wants to tread on and the destiny he wants to reach. Choose your goal and then pursue it passionately. While pursuing one’s goals, there come two types of primary choices in one’s life. If you accept the things the way they are you will never be able to fulfil your goals. You will only be procrastinating their achievements. But if you are ready to accept the responsibility of changing the situations in your favour and moulding their shapes in such a manner that you are aware of their consequences you will know success is not far.

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Every day is a new chance to make a choice. You choose to wear red, the matching shoes and the breakfast you want to have. You choose to decide your conveyance and whether you want to go to work or not. You make n number of choices throughout the day. Make them worthwhile and noticeable. Choosing to do nothing has its own repercussions. You do not get to choose how you are going to die but you definitely know that you have to live on. You can only decide how you want to live right now. When you aim for success, never think that you are aiming for the right. Make mistakes and learn from them. Never repeat them. If you are only aiming for the right, you will lose the ability to learn new things and will be unable to move forward in your life.


Stop running from your problems in hand. Solve them and then move on. There is a fine line of difference between quick winners and slow winners. The former never procrastinate and solve their problems at hand. While the latter knows that they will be solved nonetheless and keeps on delaying them. In fact he is lying to himself about the magnitude of such hurdles. If you are afraid to take a step, take baby steps and make small yet significant changes in your life. Face the issues and fix the problems. If you are able to make significant changes, those small steps will be manifold and create a huge difference in your life. If you find it difficult to face them alone, have your family and friends around. Communicate with them and appreciate their help. Forgive and love the people in your life who truly deserve it. They will always be there for you. Hence their significance in your life is immense.


Most of the long term failures are the results of excuses of people. Instead of taking decisions in their hands, they make excuses and play the blame game. If you are really adamant about your success, then learn to decide and stick to your decisions. If you are too busy in overlooking the positivity already existing in your life, then you are no longer grateful to the good happenings of your life. You will have a hard time ever being happy if you are ignoring the good things of your life. Be thankful to god for the family and friends you have got. What you see in them often depends entirely on what you are looking for. If you are busy picking out the odds, you will never have the time to catch the flowers.

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