God Is The Comedian, Don’t be Afraid to Laugh

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When I was a kid, I would often wonder as to who actually is GOD. Nobody has ever seen him, nobody has ever heard him and nobody has ever felt him yet majority of us believe in him. For Hindus, god for them would be Lord Shiva, Lord Rama etc., for Sikhs, he would be in the form of Guru Nanak Dev, For Muslims, he would be Prophet Mohammad and for Christians, he would be in the form of Jesus Christ while some others define god as nothing but a positive energy. Everybody has different beliefs and idolizes god according to their own perspectives. For some, he would be a friend, for some he would be a well-wisher while for some; he might be their biggest enemy. For some god exist while for others since nobody has ever experienced his presence; god does not exist.


When we think rationally, I find some things very strange. For instance, we will hesitate a bit if somebody asks us for some financial help but whenever we visit any temple, we would be the first one to put some money in front of the idol without giving any second thought about it; without thinking whether the priest will really utilize the money in the development of the temple because we think that the money will go to the god. We never realize that it is by the god’s grace only that we have got that money why would he want our money? He does not even require that money and would be more than happy and proud of us if we utilize that money for the upliftment of the deprived. I think these kinds of instances and many alike that made Voltaire say the above lines that god is like a comedian who seems to be playing in front of the audience who is too afraid to laugh even at his jokes.


Like I mentioned earlier, we all have different views about god but most of the religious activities that we do are out of his fear. We might not like praying everyday but still we do it not because we want to do it but because we fear that god will get angry if we do not pray to him and will punish him. The main reason is for all these is when it comes to anything related to god, we atop thinking rationally and give up to all what our priest says and do it as a command of god.


We never realize that god never asks us to pray to him or for that matter butter him to give us success because he treats everybody as his own child and takes care of them.  It is not like that he will take extra care of the person who worships him daily and will neglect the ones who don’t. For that matter he even takes care of the people who do not even believe in his existence.


It is said and staunchly believed that everybody has his/her own destiny and will have to face instances according to what has been planned for him/her. People say the lines on your hands determine what will happen in your life but how can they determine your; have you ever given it a thought? When you observe a baby’s hands, it does not have any kind of such lines, these so called ‘destiny’ lines develop as we grow, which implies that it is our hard work that determine our future. Whatever we do, our actions will have their consequences; so if we do ill of others, we will have to be ready for the punishment and if we do good for others we will get rewarded for it in some form or the other. We should never fear god or do things out of his fear. Whenever we wish to do charity or any such act, we should do it without thinking about god. It is said that whenever we do such humane acts or make others smile, it brings us closer to god. I am sure most of us have read the very famous story by Leo Tolstoy titled ‘Michael’ in which Michael, the angel of god smiled only when he witnessed people doing humane acts which also exhibits that god feels good when he sees love, affection and care.


We can compare god to our parents; just like our parents punish us for our notorious activities but at the same time they are first ones who will take care of us whenever we are in any kind trouble; they are the ones who love us the most unconditionally and will stand by us through the thicks and the thins, so is the God. He loves us; he cares for us and doesn’t want his children to go on wrong path therefore he is sometimes strict with us so that at least in the fear of the consequences we do not perform wrong actions.


Peter Marshall once said, “God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless he has a specific plan by which great blessing can come out of the difficulty”. So, all those who think that god is a ruthless taskmaster who is always there to punish us, then they are really missing out on a very beautiful concept. There are many philosophers who believe that God resides within us and simultaneously there is a devil spirit too. When we do something unmoral; then it is said that we have let that devil spirit overpower the good spirit and the godly spirit is responsible for all the good deeds that we do. In one of the articles that I came across there was a conversation between god and a man and god told him that all my creations are nothing but my egg who will eventually grow up to be something like me. He wants everybody to become as powerful as he is, so he wants everybody to always tread the path of righteousness.


God is a performer and we are his puppets; he makes us face the various tunes of life just because he wants to bring out the best out of us. Just like our parents; he too wants his children to be the best and hence plays various tricks on us. This does not means that we start over-fearing god and perform things under his fear and not because of our will. Moreover I am sure none of the parents wants to exhibit themselves as tyrant in front of their children so even god would not want to be regarded as a tyrant. He would like us to love him unconditionally. So let us live life as happily as we can; enjoy each and every moment; remain tauten in each and every testing time and do as many humane acts as we can just only out of our love for god and not out the fear of him.

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